Tres 24

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Standing almost 5 ft tall, this is an upscale of the classic FlisKits Tres! Flying on 3x24mm motors in the canted mount, this is sure to wow people at your next launch. This is a real builder’s kit with some tube and fin cutting. The kit includes a 30″ cloth parachute. As we expect you will be very experienced, the instructions are minimal in nature, consisting of the 18mm Tres instruction sheet, the Motor Mount instruction sheet and the baffle instruction sheet with various notes explaining the overall process and differences between the original kit and this one. Having built the 18mm version will provide good insight for how this rocket goes together. All preorders were shipped, as of this writing there are none in stock and it will be a little bit before more balsa parts come in. You are welcome to place an order and backorders will be filled as soon as possible.

Length: 58.5"
Diameter 2.217"
Fin Span: 13.8"
Weight 11.1 oz
Recovery: Parachute
Recommended Engines (3 matching):
C11-3, D12-5, E9-6


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12 reviews for Tres 24

  1. J Thompson

    Please let me know when more are in stock so I can buy one πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ŠπŸš€

  2. Jay

    Please let me know when I can order one!

    • admin

      Hi Jay – Just as soon as I can get a date for nosecone supply, I will make an adjustment on the web site and let you know!

  3. Thomas R. Hartstein

    I wish to be added to the TRES 24mm backorder list. I have built and flown the Apogee Components Saturn lB so I feel I am ready for this Fantastic cluster rocket.

    I have only flown 2 engine clusters to date, the original Estes Gemini Titan and the Centuri Saturn lB (I am showing my age here) I have a 6-cell 22.2 volt Lithium Polymer battery from my R/C plane that should do the trick, as long as it does not fry the igniters (sorry, I can’t say Starters).

    • admin

      Hi Thomas! Now worries showing your history with the hobby… I go pretty far back myself. I think you will be fine with your planned ignition system.

  4. duane cole

    I also would like to back-order a couple, please let me know how….,,

    • admin

      As you can imagine, getting a few of the parts is extremely difficult just now. As soon as there is some sort of ETA on nose cones in particular, I will reset this line item to allow for backorders again and publish the estimated ship date.

    • admin

      Duane, finally got some parts and we now have 5 in stock.

  5. Stephen Hillyer

    Cool looking rocket. Please inform me when this becomes available. Thank you

    • admin

      We finally have a few in stock..

  6. Duane Bailey

    I’m interested when you get this kit back on the market.

    • admin

      Duane, we have few in stock!

  7. Stephen Hillyer

    Please put me down for one also. Thank you

    • admin

      We have a few in stock1

  8. John Eric Thompson (verified owner)

    I am building the Tres 24mm now. It is fun to see the kit come together.

  9. John E Thompson (verified owner)

    Building this kit was fun. I am looking forward to launching it at the next club launch:-)

  10. John E Thompson (verified owner)

    Picture perfect flight on three D12-3s πŸš€πŸ‘πŸͺ‚

    It deployed the parachute right at apogee and landed in a tree. So I need to build another one while waiting for the other rocker to get out of that darn tree πŸŒ³πŸ™„

  11. John Eric Thompson (verified owner)

    2nd one is built and ready for flight

  12. John Eric Thompson (verified owner)

    When will you have more 24mm Tres available?

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