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Two stage flying saucer! This rocket allows you to explore staging in a small field. You will see the entire flight from ignition to landing as it all takes place within 100 ft. One of the most interesting things you can do is a drag race between Frick-n-Fracks!

Length: 5.5"
Diameter: 0.736"
Fin Span: 10.24"
Weight: 2.3 oz
Recovery: Aero-Brake
Recommended Engines:
B6-0, C6-0

Blank Skins

Simple shape

Red and Black



FlisKits Blue

FlisKits Red


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Two stage flying saucer

3 reviews for Frick-n-Frack

  1. J Thompson

    Definitely want a few of these great kitsπŸš€πŸ˜Š.
    They always draw a crowd.

  2. John E Thompson (verified owner)

    I had so much fun building the first Frick n Frack, I just had to buy more. It is a creative and ingenious idea and design.
    Frick n Frack Drag races should be considered a NAR sporting event πŸ™‚

  3. Bill Viney

    I great kit for small fields and when you really want to see the stage event happen. Lots of fun and a good build. Make sure to pay attention to fin alignment.

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