Education Orders

Hello to all Educators, Scout Troops and anyone else looking for kits in bulk! Right now, we are offering only the Thing-a-ma-jig, DooDad and Whatchamacallit kits in bulk. The others are on their way… Please contact us at so we can discuss your educational rocketry needs!

Educational Bulk Packs!

Bulk pack versions of our kits allow you to purchase larger numbers of our kits at reduced prices while still bringing quality rocketry to your group.   An absolute must for the classroom and youth group looking to do a model rocketry project!

The FlisKits advantage, with regard to our Bulk Pack programs, is that we will bulk pack any kit in our catalog, allowing you to select kits that match the skill level and experience of your students.  This also gives you the opportunity to plan multiple sessions, advancing your students through ever increasing skill levels and model types.

Here is a short list of each beginner (Skill Level 1) kit, in order of simplicity, along with its bulk pack price and brief description.  Additional detail on each kit can be found on main shopping page:

NameModel #DescriptionRetail
dooDadSP025-BPBasswood Jig-Tech fins and minimum diameter makes this our easiest and highest flying beginner kit!$13.95$8.95
WhatcamacallitSP017-BPBalsa Jig-Tech fin, mini motor power and streamer recovery$12.95$8.35
Thing-a-ma-JigSP015-BPBalsa Jig-Tech fin, standard motors and large size with parachute recovery$15.95$9.95
TriskelionSP010-BPLaser cut fins, unique design and included fin alignment jig$14.95$9.55
RhinoSP006-BPLaser cut fins, our largest beginner kit.  Parachute recovery$19.95$12.75
Bull’s EyeSP024-BPFat, short rocket with laser cut fins and a tail ring.  VERY easy assembly and parachute recovery$22.95$14.95
AvalearSP020-BPCut your own fins, simple pattern, fig alignment jig included$12.95$8.25
Lil’ Guy SP022-BPCut your own fins, simple pattern, streamer recovery$13.95$8.95
How we package our Bulk Pack kits:
Our bulk pack kits are packaged one kit to a bag, but withOUT any documentation.  In addition to the kits ordered, we will include one full set of documentation that the leader/teacher must reproduce for each student in the class.
The photos below illustrate with the Triskelion.

Front and back of a typical bulk pack packaged kit (in this case, the Triskelion model rocket kit).  Packaged for bulk purchase, these versions do not include individual documentation. In addition to the kits ordered, we include one full set of documentation, typically including an instruction set, fin pattern sheet and retail package cover artwork, for the teacher to reproduce for the students in the class.

All of the parts in the packaged Triskelion bulk pack kit.  Here we can see the motor tube (small tube near the top), the nose cone, body tube, precision laser cut fins, the parachute, two centering rings (black rings on the parachute), 3 toothpicks (detail items), tape disks and cotton thread (shroud line) for the parachute, engine hook, elastic shock cord, engine block (small brown ring), accessory ring (large brown ring used to assemble a fin jig with), launch lug and screw eye.  The sheet of paper on the right has information about the National Association of Rocketry.

Our Skill Level 1 kits are our most popular kits, by far, for youth groups and schools alike.