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The Nell kit was created for NARCON 2010, held at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. This semi-scale kit commemorates Robert Goddard’s flight of the first liquid fueled rocket at his Aunt Effie’s farm in Auburn. That flight led to the further development of liquid fueled rockets that eventually landed humans on the moon and sent satellites to visit the edges of our solar system. This challenging build will reward you with a large rocket that will look good in the air and as a display!

Length: 50.49"
Diameter: 2.217"
Fin Span: 6.7"
Weight: 3.8 oz
Recovery: Parachute
Recommended Engines:
B4-2, B6-2, C6-3


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3 reviews for Nell

  1. John Eric Thompson

    This is a very impressive model and great piece of history. If you build the to scale pad to go along with the model it will definitely draw a crowd when you lanch it:

  2. John Eric Thompson

    This is a very impressive model to build. If you build the scaled launch pad as well it will draw a croud.

  3. J Thompson

    I launched it from the scaled pad recently on an Estes C6-3 and it looked like the real thing lifting out of its carriage 😊🚀👍🏻. It was awesome

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