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Two stage Micromaxx! The Doubles kit can easily fly out of sight so be sure to bring along a spotter or two!

While not difficult to build nor fly, this tiny rocket will really go.

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  1. Shane (verified owner)

    A bold but workable design, the Doubles turned a lot of heads when I took it to a high-power launch. It may also be a good candidate for upscaling, I’d love to see one of these going on 29mm motors.

    I only have two recommendations I’d make to other buyers: Firstly, if the balsa stock you get seems too flimsy, consider replacing the fins with cardstock that will bend instead of snap. The balsa fins are surprisingly vulnerable to transport damage.

    Secondly, just stick a standard MMX motor in the booster. The one without an ejection charge that I used for the first flight did not burn through vigorously enough to ignite the sustainer, but the standard one did the job. The delay of 0.7 seconds got it a little off vertical but it wasn’t enough to be hazardous or shoot the sustainer off the range. Double-check with the range safety officer before you do this though.

    Good kit, will definitely get another if my first one gets destroyed or lost for whatever reason 😀

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