Deuce 29

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The Deuce 29 was developed by Curtis Heisey as one in his extensive series of Deuces Wild rockets. His work has been featured in Sport Rocketry on a number of occasions and we are proud to have this be the first 29mm and High Power FlisKit. This kit features a 3D printed nose cone and custom centering rings, Loc tubing, Top Flight chute and laser cut plywood fins.

The build is challenging, the flying is fun!

Length: 40"
Diameter: 3.1"
Fin Span: 19"

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2 reviews for Deuce 29

  1. John Eric Thompson

    Let me know when it will be back in stock.

  2. Tom Binford

    I’ve built 18, 24, 54, and 98 mm versions, all before scaled kits were introduced. The butt plate between the motors is a perfect place for a camera. This is the 54 mm version on J275s.

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