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...to the world of model rocketry!   FlisKits, Inc., would like to welcome all rocketeers to our site.  Old and young, novice and expert, model and high power, all are welcome.  FlisKits, Inc. is a new model rocket company begun with the hope of bringing some of the FUN back to model rocketry.  (Continued below)

You have found us at our new domain!  Congratulations!

If you discover any broken links, please drop me an email and I will fix them up straight away!  Thank you for your patience as we migrate our site to our new domain!

Wishing you all a most wonderful New Year!
See you soon at our new domain :)

The Juliet is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase!


Click here for MIRA details!
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Recent kit releases!

New, reduced price!
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Partake of a journey of epic proportions presented to Jim Flis
as a special gift from his son, Joseph.
Flistory in the Making
Part 2: Unforeseen Obstacles.

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Thank you for your innovation, quality products and superb customer service. Fliskits is a throwback to better times. I just wish all companies were like this whenever whenever I made a purchase! Mike F.

Our goal is simple.  Provide a wide selection of kits, accessories and supplies for the model rocket community that allows growth and creativity.  Growth, not only in your skills at flying model rockets, but also in your use of tools, ability to follow instructions, working in groups and taking what you learn and applying it to this wonderful hobby to make it better for the next generation.

We will strive to be patient teachers.  We ask that you strive to be patient students.  FlisKits, Inc. is a new endeavor with lofty ideals and a desire to bring model rocketry to new heights.

At this time, our selection is quite limited.  That will change with time.  With 12 unique designs, covering many skill levels and styles, we open with a fine selection of models for your new or growing fleet.   In the coming months, we will be adding new and exciting kits, launch pads, launch controllers and model rocketry materials and supplies.

We'll make a deal with you.  You watch and help us grow and we will watch and help you grow with us.

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I have built four of their kits so far, five if you want to include the free Midnight express. The quality of the material is excellent as are the instructions. Customer service is great. Any question I have ever had is promptly answered. They are
adding new things all the time, and its been fun to watch them grow.  FlisKits is worth the look. Their models are fun to build and Fly. - Larry V.

Who are these guys at FlisKits?

Jim Flis and Brian McCarthy are the founders of FlisKits, Inc.  Both have many years of model rocketry experience as well as dreams for the future of this fine hobby!

Go to our ABOUT section for more information about FlisKits, Brian and Jim!

National Association
of Rocketry

The National Association of Rocketry (NAR) is the oldest and largest sport rocketry organization in the world. Since 1957, over 80,000 serious modelers have joined the NAR to take advantage of the fun and excitement of organized rocketry!
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FlisKits, Inc. fully endorses the NAR and their efforts to help keep model rocketry safe, educational, fun and growing!
National Association of Rocketry
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Find out about NAR sections (clubs) in your area!  Learn about competition and testing your design, construction and flying skills with model rocketeers around the country!

All kits manufactured by FlisKits, Inc. include membership information for the NAR.  You can also obtain a membership form by clicking on the NAR logo (top right) to go to the NAR main web site.

Tripoli Rocketry
Association, Inc.

Tripoli is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of non-professional high power rocketry. Tripoli has members in the United States and 22 countries around the world.

FlisKits, Inc. fully endorses Tripoli and their efforts to help keep non-professional high power rocketry safe, education, fun and growing!

While FlisKits, Inc. does not currently have any High Power rocket kits, we fully expect to offer several kits in the near future.  Each high power kit from FlisKits, Inc. will include a membership form for the NAR and Tripoli.   You can also obtain a Tripoli membership form by clicking on the Tripoli logo (top right) to go the the Tripoli main web site.

Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc.

The Rocketry Forum

The Rocketry Forum's tag line is "The Web's Premier Rocketry Forum!", and FlisKits can not argue the value of this important web site.  Fully moderated, rocketry related web-forums that allow you to enjoy the stories, experience, and excitement of a large and growing model rocketry community.   Visit the site, check out the forums and see what they have to offer.  We are sure you will agree that it's time to register on TRF so that you can take full advantage of all they have to offer, and become an active contributor yourself!

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews

EMRR is a wonderful source for information about FlisKits model rocket
kits as well as kits from model rocket companies around the country!  EMRR's web site provides reviews and articles, contests, motor and flight logs, CP and RocSim libraries and a whole host of other items of note.  A must in evaluating your next purchase and a wonderful place to provide your comments, feedback and information for other model rocketeers to share and learn from!  FlisKits, Inc. fully endorses this site and its mission!

What is Rocketry Online?

Rocketry Online (ROL) bills itself as "Your global rocketry resource", and FlisKits, Inc. agrees!  ROL has a wealth of information about model and high power rocketry.  Information on their site includes updates on new products, auctions, forums, launch calendars, reviews and so much more.

FlisKits, Inc. encourages you to make full use of this valuable model rocketry resource!

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All rights reserved.
Used with permission.


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Online 2015 Catalog!

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FlisKits 2012 national tour schedule!

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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