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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!

Join FlisKits and CATO for the event of the year!
Click here for the official NARCON 2009 web site!

FlisKits is proud to be the sponsor of NARCON 2009 being held in Wethersfield, CT on the weekend of March 20th - 22nd, 2009.

FlisKits will be there showing off our latest kits and information about upcoming kits and accessories.  In addition, FlisKits will be providing the following for NARCON participants:

  • Commemorative kit (Nantucket Sound).  Depending on the size (cost) of the kit, FlisKits will be donating 50-100 kits for this event (given out in order of registration order).  Other kits will be available for purchase at a much reduced price for NARCON registered guests only.  At this time we are trying to decide between an 18mm or a 24mm version of the design being looked at.  Once a decision is made we will update this section.

  • DSC02087sm.jpg (82932 bytes) DSC02088sm.jpg (58072 bytes) light house 24mm versionsm.jpg (39902 bytes)
    Jim holding an early proto type of the upcoming FlisKits Nantucket Sound! Close up of the top of the Nantucket Sound showing the nose cone detail Graphical representation of the Nantucket Sound
  • NARCON commemorative artwork will be available to help decorate your commemorative kit in NARCON 2009 colors!  Makes finishing your model a breeze!

  • Range Box Stickers: Registration packets will include a custom NARCON 2009 range box sticker, courtesy of FlisKits, Inc.

  • FlisKits Spring 2009 catalog

  • Build Session: FlisKits will host a short build session for those of you who wish to build your NARCON commemorative kit.  You are also encouraged to attend if you have other build projects you would like to work on during this session.

  • Seminar: Jim Flis of FlisKits will present a 1 hour session (topic to be determined).  

  • Two, possibly three new kit announcements!  Stay tuned!

    • Looking towards the following additional releases:

      • MTTM Tiddlywink (1/8A HD micro helicopter duration model)

      • MTTM Dead Ringer (Inspired by the Borealis design

The NARCON 2009 web site is now up and running right here.  You can also follow the official online forum thread at the Rocketry Planet for more information.

NARCON will feature seminars, build sessions, classes and a very well outfitted vendor room with all of your favorite vendors showing off old and new products.  You may even get a glimpse or two of upcoming products, so don't miss it!

There are 5 sets of talks:

  • NAR specific

  • Model rocketry related

  • High power related

  • Rocket science

  • Rocketry and the community

The NAR Town Meeting (President's forum) is Saturday at 7pm

There is a Meet-n-Greet scheduled for Friday from 7pm - 9pm

Vendor setups are available at 7am on Saturday and the weekends activities begin at 9am

At this time there are no plans for a launch at NARCON as it is felt that this would just pull people from the convention itself.  Besides, many of you won't want to launch in New England in March...

Registration can be made, at this time, by sending an email to NARCONREG@GMAIL.COM  The NARCON committee will respond with payment instructions.

Pre-Registration: (Due by TBD)

  • Full event

    • Youth (under 18) - $15

    • Adult - $37.50

    • Vendor - $25

On Site:

  • Full event:

    • Youth - $15

    • Adult - $40

    • Vendor - $40

  • One day:

    • Youth - $5

    • Adult - $20

    • Vendor - $40

T-Shirts will be available.  Details to follow.  For now, please indicate your T-Shirt preferences in your email.  The T-Shirts will have the following image on them:

We hope to see you all there!

Don't miss this national extravaganza!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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