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This section of our web site will show you where we have been, where we are now and where we are heading in the near future!   You can also find out about the condition of the models themselves as they make their trip around the country.
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What is the Tour de' Deuce?
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Tour de Deuce Maryland and Connecticut now complete!

As of the 1st of December, 2006 we have two more states complete in this nation wide event!  The most recent was Connecticut completed on November 24th by Bob Allen and just before that was Michael Meyers for the state of Maryland on October 21st!

Congratulations to both of these volunteers!  And a hearty thank you as well, for helping to keep this exciting event moving forward!  As soon as photo albums are available I will provide links to them.

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Michael Meyers holds the Tour de' Deuce banner just before his successful completion of the Maryland leg of the tour!

The Tour de Deuce will take two Deuce's Wild! kits and send them on a launching tour of the United States beginning in Florida (home of the TDD founders) and conclude in New Hampshire (home of FlisKits).

To find out how YOU can participate in this exciting event, review the links above.  See what states have already signed up, find out how you can volunteer for your state and track the progress of the launches state after state!  This 2-4 year project saw its first of 50 launches in October of 2003 and has since passed the half way mark!

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Tour de Deuce Inaugural Launch Group Photo!

Welcome to the world's
most exciting rocketry event!
Brought to you by the world's most exciting
model rocket company!

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Not to be confused with other, similar events that have occured, the Tour de Deuce stands apart from the rest!

Why?  What's so special about this program?

Because it is customer created, customer driven and customer run!  This is a testament to the excitement our 

customers have expressedabout FlisKits products, services and corporate philosophy.  FlisKits' involvement in this effort is to supply the kits for the tour and to provide this web space to help involve the entire model rocket community in this exciting event.

So, join the fun!

The Tour de Deuce project is the brainchild of Jason Toft and Eugenio Cebollero of Florida.  The basic principle here is that two Deuce's Wild! kits have been built by Jason and Eugene and will be flown in Florida then sent to each state in the United States for  a flight, to end in New Hampshire (home of FlisKits).

At this time, we have about half of all 50 states signed up and are looking for sponsors to volunteer their state and offer their services to receive, launch and ship these models during their historic tour of the United States.  The links on this site will provide you with a wealth of information about this exciting project, how to sign up for and how to join the fun, nation wide.

So, what's so special about the Deuce's Wild! kit that would inspire two creative rocketeers to begin such a program and hundreds of rocketeers around the country to participate in such a program?  Well, that's  rather hard to put into words.  The Deuce's Wild! kit is one of the original 12 kits offered by FlisKits.  Designed by Jim Flis in the 1970's, it was always an exciting model to fly but never really attracted that much attention.

That all changed in September of 2002 when FlisKits opened their doors to the rocketry community.  It became clear very quickly that the Deuce's Wild! was something special.  The rocketry community had never seen anything like it, at least not as a retail kit.  Its unique dual smoke trails, made possible by its original use of canted motors, fires the imagination and excites participants at rocket launches wherever it appears.  The Deuce's Wild! has a following.  A large and growing one.  The single most talked about model rocket kit in rocketry today, the Deuce's Wild! has appeared in every state and over 7 different countries.  It has been scaled up and down from 6mm (MMX) all the way up to 38mm Pro-38's.  It has been used as the launch vehicle for many unique adaptations including a Dyna-Soar/Titan version, Nike-Ajax version, modified into a Multi-Staged version and many more too numerous to mention.  It has even been modified to qualify for Dual-Egg Loft and Super Roc events at NARAM.  There is no end to the imagination, fun, and excitement our customers are enjoying with the Deuce's Wild!

The Tour de Deuce program is another example of where imagination can bring us all to new heights in the world of model rocketry!

If you've never seen a Deuce's Wild! fly, here's your chance!   Keep watch over this site as we fill in the schedule and see where these two historic models will be flown in your state.  Become a part of the excitement and witness model rocketry history with the launching of the most exciting model rocketry kit of the 21st century!

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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