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Rules and Participation Requirements

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The Tour de Deuce (TDD) project, like everything else in life, has rules.  We have worked hard to make the rules plain and simple and hope that everyone who chooses to participate reads, understands and follows these simple rules.  It is not our intent to over complicate anything, but the Tour de Deuce is a massive undertaking involving potentially hundreds of model rocketeers scattered across 50 states over a 2 -3 year period.  Jason and Eugenio have assembled two Deuce's Wild! kits that are expected to fly 50 times over that time period, be shipped 50 times and travel thousands of miles.

Reviewing, understanding and following these rules will help to assure that these models and this project meets a timely and successful conclusion in New Hampshire in the not too distant future.  If you have signed on to participate your electronic signature on the signup form tells us that you have read, understand and promise to follow these rules and to further help make this project a success.  If you do not agree with these rules, please allow someone else to sign up for your state instead.  Thank you.

  1. When you have received the TDD kits in the mail you will contact the sending party (previous state) as well as the Tour de Deuce team that you have received the kits and provide information about their condition.
  2. When flying the TDD kits, you will fly both kits on the date assigned using only B6-4 or C6-5 black powder motors.
  3. If there is any reason why you can not fly on your assigned date, please contact the TDD team to let us know.  Please provide a reason for the change.
  4. Take at least one static photo of yourself and all other participants with the two TDD kits.  Also, if possible take a launch photo for our photo album.  Beyond that, you may submit as many other photos of your TDD launch effort as you would like.  Please caption every photo with any pertinent information (date, time, weather conditions, names of people in the picture, etc) (NOTE: If you do not have a digital camera, feel free to send snapshots or negatives to Jim Flis for scanning (6 Jennifer Drive, Merrimack, NH 03054))
  5. After launch and recovery, please inspect the models for ANY damage, and repair as needed.  If you are uncertain on how to repair specific damage, please contact the TDD team for assistance.
  6. Immediately package the TDD kits in a safe manner using the packaging that came with the kits (NOTE: If the packaging has suffered damage, please replace with similar packaging to protect the models).  Send these two kits onto the next scheduled state via USPS Priority Mail
  7. Inform the receiving (next) state and the TDD team that you have shipped
  8. Provide a write up about your experiences with the Tour de Deuce project.  All submissions, write ups and photographs will be posted on a special web page for your state.

Thank you for participating in this project!  History in the making has never been so much fun!


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