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FlisKits is proud to announce the donation of promotional items to serve as a "Thank You" for all of the people who have participated in the Tour de' Deuce.  These items will be provided to all past volunteers as well as to all future volunteers through the completion of this tour!   See below for details.
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In light of all the hard work by Jason and Eugenio as well as the, literally, HUNDREDS of volunteers around the country who are helping to make this tour possible, FlisKits felt that a special form of "thank you" was in order.   It is nice to be able to send an email thank you note or post a series of pictures on our web site, but we felt that more was justified.  So, as a very special thank you to everyone who has been involved to date, and as a special incentive to those who are considering volunteering for states yet to be done, FlisKits is offering the following:
  • A Certificate of participation (Click here for a sample look). This certificate will be personalized with YOUR launch.  It will identify the volunteers involved in the launch as well as the location and date that the launch took place.  This certificate will bear the signatures of the two event founders, Jason Toft and Eugenio Cebollero as well as the two founders of FlisKits, Inc., Jim Flis and Brian McCarthy.  Each certificate will be printed on bordered certificate stock for that snazzy look and will be suitable for framing.  FlisKits will provide one per launch team.
  • Range Box Stickers! (Click here for a sample look).  FlisKits will provide a custom Tour de' Deuce range box sticker (approx. 3" diameter) for each member of the volunteer team who participated in the launch.  These exciting stickers bear the logo of the tour and are contour cut round.  They will make an exciting decoration for your rocket range box.

We hope that those of you who have volunteered and who will volunteer in the future display these mementos proudly for the part that you played in this national event.  We at FlisKits thank you for all of your help, enthusiasm and support over the years!

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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