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Tour de Deuce Wisconsin!
Hosted by Jon Hatch at the BONG Recreation Center, with WOOSH!
March 13th, 2004
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Visit our NARCON 2004 photo album for more fun in Wisconsin!

From Jon (KermieD - TRF):

I just got back from NARCON, and, yes, the Deuces DID fly and were a big hit both at the launch and on Jim's display table at the convention. It was quite cold and windy out (gawd, you'd think a New Englander like Jim could handle the cold better than that!).

The first launch weathercocked severely, but deployment was perfect and we didn't have more than a few feet to walk to get it back.

2nd launch was straight and perfect, even in the winds. Here it comes, though. Ack! On the 2nd launch, a couple of the shroud lines got tangled with the thin Kevlar going from the big strap to the NC, causing it to reef the chute. No biggie. It's pretty windy anyway and now we don't have to chase the rocket now, right? Errrr....the rocket comes down right in the gravel road.

Jason, BREATHE! It's okay!! Really!! There is some minor cosmetic damage to one fin, the nose cone, and a part of the body tube (holy crap did you guys build those things strong! This bird should have been toast). Jim took some very detailed pictures of what happened and will send them to you guys on Tuesday or Wednesday when he gets home. It's up to you guys as to whether you want it back to repair the dings or if you just want to pass it on to have the next guy fill in the dings.

At any rate, they are fine and resting comfortably here in the living room. I will ship them either to the next leg or to E&J as you guys see fit. I'm exhausted, but will put up pics soon.

From Jim:

It is such a pleasure working with the folks that have been involved in this tour effort.  I have been very fortunate to have been able to participate in so many Tour de Deuce launches and hope to witness many more yet to come.

It was a blustery cold day out there, but the large crowd didn't seem to mind.  In the course of the afternoon there were many Deuce launches, but nothing like the Tour de Deuce launches!  These captured the imagination and got people to think about the scope of this project.

The folks at WOOSH were very accomodating and were as excited as we were with this launch.  Everything was perfect and we got two more picture perfect launches making it 9 states down, 18 perfect launches and 36 perfect motor ignitions!

41 states to go
82 launches
164 ignitions


The damage that was suffered during a hard landing on some gravel appears to be cosmetic and will only serve to show the work that these models are being expected to do.  Such battle scars add character and lend a realism to this work and tour around our great country.  For those other volunteers who have yet to do their leg of this journey, when you see these models and see the little cosmetic chips and dents, think about what these models have done and where they have been.

It's incredible!

Please enjoy the photo album on the right.  Good stuff, great people and a whole lotta fun!

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