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Jim demo's FlisKits newest kit (soon to be announced), the Stingray!
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Perfect launch and flight of the Stingray on her first ever public launching!
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The crowd was dressed for the cold and in very good spirits
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The Pheord X-150 in two stage mode with an Athena saucer as a second stage.
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The local TARC team tested there design with a perfect launch and an altitude of about 1100 feet!
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The Deuce of Hazzard is ready to go!
p5051246.jpg (40277 bytes)
And go she does!  The "Deuce Boys" (Jason and Eugenio, no doubt) must be trying to get away from Rosco Flis... LOL
p5051247.jpg (31810 bytes)
The *original* Praetor, with a new paint job waits for launch.  This model was built in the late 1970's
p5051251.jpg (112797 bytes)
Jim poses with the two Tour models, just before launch.
p5051252.jpg (112800 bytes)
Jon Hatch (KermieD) preps the first of the tour models before moving on to the second one, with help from a WOOSH member.
p5051253.jpg (106103 bytes)
Jon poses with The tour model before launch
p5051254.jpg (84488 bytes)
TdD #1 and #2 ready to make history.  Again!
p5051255.jpg (26847 bytes)
A nice wide view of the two TdD models and the field.
p5051257.jpg (58881 bytes)
Liftoff of TdD model #1 for a perfect flight!
p5051258.jpg (68639 bytes)
TdD model #2 leaves the earth for a perfect flight also!
p5051259.jpg (8293 bytes)
Good recovery on one, but a little rough on the other
p5051261.jpg (71514 bytes)
One of the models found a soft patch of dead grass to rest on.
p5051268.jpg (90672 bytes)
Walt Evans shows off his beautiful A.C.M.E. Spitfire model
p5051269.jpg (44863 bytes)
And dares to launch it as well, for a perfect flight!
p5051270.jpg (25451 bytes)
And recovery!
praetor.jpg (54522 bytes)
The Praetor always turns in a great flight
spitfire.jpg (34209 bytes)
Walt and I pose behind my truck.
narcon.roc.jpg (66317 bytes)
The NARCON rockets were built by WOOSH president Scott Goebel , and WOOSH Oddroc Guru member Mark Stehlik.  These models were designed by Jim Flis and provided to all NARCON attendees by FlisKits..
jim flis-walt.jpg (47928 bytes)
Walt and Jim pose with Walt's unique Deuce's Wild!
deuce04.jpg (69321 bytes)
Beautiful flight with a very unique paint job
p5051271.jpg (45856 bytes)
Close up of the damage suffered by the Tour model.  Note the ding in the blue fin and what looks like a crinkle in the body tube near the leading edge of the blue fins.   This area seems to have only suffered damage to the paint and not structural damage to the body.
p5051272.jpg (49987 bytes)
A close up of the nosecone showing the small dent received from a pebble.

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