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rhino_drag.jpg (35661 bytes)
A rhino drag race began the day for the Rambergs
rambergs_with_fliskits2.jpg (75233 bytes)
The Rambergs with a horde of FlisKits models.  We can spy the TdD models as well as their own Deuce's Wild! along with a Pheord X150, a Triple Threat, Rhion, Nomad, Drake, Richter Recker and a Corona!  Nice collection!
deuces_wild_launch2.jpg (41726 bytes)
The Rambergs Deuce takes to the air
tdd1-liftoff .jpg (35426 bytes)
TdD #1 on a successful flight earlier in the launch
tdd1-on-chute.jpg (12425 bytes)
Down safe on a good chute!
tdd-on-pad-waiting.jpg (33104 bytes)
TdD #2 waits her turn!
tdd2-liftoff.jpg (30925 bytes)
And we have ignition!  TdD #2 takes to the air
tdd2-on-chute.jpg (18450 bytes)
And had a good return too!
theculprit.jpg (175252 bytes)
Later in the launch, the TdD models were launched again and disaster struck!  With only one motor burning, the models (being heavier in construction) came in hard suffering heavy damage to the front end.
damaged_rocket2.jpg (47086 bytes)
This close up give you an example of the damage suffered.

At this point, the models were rushed to Florida where they were quickly repaired by Eugenio and Jason.  Below is a short photo essay of the repair with text taken from The Rocketry Forum.
2_damage.jpg (39414 bytes)
First off, the damage...
dw1_tube_cut.jpg (76093 bytes)
The first repair action was to cut the bad sections of tubing off of each rocket. DW1 required a larger portion to be removed. In an effort to retain most of the original rocket, the upper launch lug was spared. On DW2, all we needed to do was removed the body tube material up to the 1/2 way point in a previous tube coupler.
dw2_coupler.jpg (14932 bytes)
Jason performed the surgery on DW2. Here you can see the exposed coupler from the previous repair. Some sanding, peeling, and cutting took care of the old glue and tubing.

Jason ran some vertical "slits" in the coupler to add more "bite" to the joint.
dw1dw2_new.jpg (64811 bytes)
Here they are with their new sections of replacement tubing. With some MicroFill in the joints and dents in the nosecones the rockets took shape once again.
dw1dw2_primer.jpg (45692 bytes)
...and finally, their first coats of primer.

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