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Tour de Deuce Virginia!
Hosted by Phil Gerringer at Brosville Middle School, VA

December 1st, 2003
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TDD Virginia!
transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) From Phil Gerringer:

Beautiful weather on Sunday found my son and I traveling to Va to launch the deuces. Once reaching Virginia our heads were bobbing back and forth looking for a launch site. Based on the wind direction, we decided on a middle school in some place called Brosville. The site was in the back of the school in a small football field. I figured based on a 500' flight the field was just the right size and there were another 200 yards on top of the hill. Just to make sure they didn't stray too far though, I taped the chutes to provide minimal drag.

We set up the launch pad, prepped Deuce 1 (blue top) and started taking pics. Immediately a problem was encountered - Stupid Batteries in the camera were run down. So the pictures stink. Anyway, after a countdown, woosh. Both C6-5s on Deuce 1 roared to life and the rocket flew straight and true. It went straight up and drifted as planned, over the hill into the next field over. Successful recovery. One observation, I'm not a good judge of height, but I would say those C6-5s took it more than 500' but less than 1000'. So, if you launch them, make sure you have adequate room. In this case if I didn't tape the chutes, the deuces would have landed well over the highway, or worse: On the highway.

Once my son was back from recovery, we prepped Deuce 2 (yellow top). Prep on these birds was quite easy, Jason and Eugene have done an incredible job putting these guys together. Deuce 2 had the exact same characteristics as 1. Straight up flight, > 500', minimal drift. This time though, the Deuce landed 20' from the highway. Oooof. My son came back from recovery shaking his head. He looked up at me and said, "You are darned luck." But he didn't use the word darned.
All in all, the Deuces were fun to launch and it gave my son and I some quality time together. The next state will be SC and then NC. I do still have some time to spend with the Deuces but unfortunately I don't think I will have time to hit WVa before the Deuces head off to Hawaii.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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