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Tour de Deuce VERMONT!
Hosted by Nick Esselman, EMRR style!

July 2nd-7th, 2004
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TdD Vermont, in the history books!

Jim Flis here.  First, a bit of history here.  The two models that are touring the nation under the Tour de Deuce banner were built by Jason and Eugenio.  To date, the models have suffered everything from minor to major damage for a variety of reasons (please read through the different launch reports for details).  I say "the models", but what I really mean is "Tour de Deuce model #2, built by Jason"

This poor rocket.  That poor boy!   Between zippers from late ejections, lawn darts when one motor misfires, scrapes, bumps and bruises, the list goes on.  One time, they were even sent back to Florida so that detailed repairs could be made.  It is important to all involved that the original two models make it through ALL 50 states.

Then we get this from Nick in Vermont:

Uhm, let's add 1 more incident. Upon arrival I could see much stress at the fin-can to body junction. I loaded two Quest C6-5's, pressed the ignition, 1 lit it went to 10 feet, horizontal and smashed into the ground fulling tearing apart at that stress point.

I have already glued a new coupler in place and prepped to fill-n-sand tomorrow. It looks like Krylon Blue, yes?

I chickened out of flying the other one for the time being and hope to do that perhaps tomorrow.

BTW, where should the CG be? With all the repairs on this rocket, I wonder if its CG is out.

Jason had puppies when he read this...

Well, with Nick's skill with the knife and paint can, the Deuce was fully restored.  The photo album essay link at left will bring up Nick's page that he devoted to this effort.  He really did a wonderful job and it was good thinking that he wouldn't let Jason see pictures of the damage until he also had pictures of the repair as contrast.

You can breath again, Jason :)

Also, Nick was able to provided these figures for both models, after finishing the repair to #2:

Weight: 4.8 ounces
CG= 10 1/8" from NC (+/- 1/8")

Weight: 6.6 ounces
CG= 10" from NC (+/- 1/8")

Thank you Nick, for a great step towards completion of the Tour de Deuce and for going the extra mile in restoring such a historic vehicle!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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