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Tour de Deuce Texas, NSL style!
Hosted by Simon Crafts from NSL-2004 in Hearne, Texas

May 29th, 2004
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Texas TdD

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Just got back from NSL and the TDD Texas Launch was a success!!

Special thanks to Jim for being a big part of the TDD launch.

The weather on Saturday for the TDD launch was *brutal* with very, very high and gusty winds. But we had a ball!

Both TdD kits flew perfectly with #1 landing in the tall soft grass. #2 was recovered nicely as well - it was angled into the wind, and the 5 second delay on the C6 engine was probably a bit long with all the added weight and repairs to it. It landed upwind of the racks on the edge of the pavement, receiving only minor scratches on two of the fins. Not really noticeable with the other scratches already present, Jim was very pleased and said they only provide the bird with a bit more "character."

As a note, perhaps C6-3's should be considered on bird #2; just a thought.

To the applause of the bystanders, TDD Texas was a rousing success at NSL!

Now, the birds are packed up and ready to move on.

Thanks to Jim, Jason, Eugene, and everyone involved! What a blast to be a part of the TDD!

We also invite you to view the photo album from the rest of the NSL-2004 event here.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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