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NSL-2004 photo album
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The first is me and the boys posing with the birds prior to launch - photo taken by Jim Flis.
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This is a shot of Jim holding the birds at the pads, getting ready to load them up for the TDD launch.
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Here I am hooking up the leads at the boys look on.
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One final pose before launch
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This is TDD #1 on the pad, #2 next to it on the right, whips attached and ready for launch.

Wind was gusting at 20-25 mph, but the LCO was letting it all go.
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TDD #2 posing for a shot while the rest of the racks are loaded.
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An interesting shot looking up at their destination
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With the racks loaded and a batch of mod rocs sent away, the PA microphone is given to Jim to say a few words about the TDD. Everyone is excited, and the controls are handed back to the LCO. I was so excited, I was a bit early on the trigger.
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TdD #1 takes to the air on a perfect boost!
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With TdD #1 done, the clip whip is transfered to TdD #2
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Shortly after, TdD #2 follows along!
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And a perfect recovery!

NSL-2004 photo album

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