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Tour de Deuce Tennessee!
Hosted by Andy and Suzzane Hobbs from Two Rivers Park, in Nashville, TN

January 10th, 2004

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transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) From Andy Hobbs:

The Deuces took to the Nashville skys today !!!

The TDD Tennessee team (my better half and I) had a great time and were giggling like kids we had so much fun, as we rarely have time to launch rockets together....

It was COLD.the temp was 23f wind chill was around 18f as there was about a 5-10 mph wind.

(Note of trivia: As I enter this onto the web for the TDD team, it is Minus 23F...)

We launched from Two Rivers park on the outskirts of downtown Nashville.  After making wind drift calculations set by a few flights on a Quest Big Betty, we decided to launch from a small asphalt parking lot adjoining a large grassy field.this worked out great

Deuce #1 did provide a little scare by landing at the edge of the asphalt pad although there is only a very small ding on the corner of one fin hardly noticeable

post inspection shows both Deuces to be in excellent condition

This was by far the coldest day I have launched rockets

Our fingers were absolutly numb,by the time we packed up.  Suzanne looked like Kenny from Southpark!

Andy had this followup to add:

When I first signed up,I envisioned flying the Deuces at a club launch in warm weather with lots of participants,

When Jason contacted me about possibly flying them now, I figured heck yea! although our club doesn't start flying again untill March

I thought it would be more important to keep the ball rolling.  I now realise suitable size launch areas around my area are becoming very scarce!  I usually only fly small A/B size rockets in the winter months at a much smaller field

Even though the recovery zone was grass and of ample size, I gotta admit I felt uneasy launching from a hard surface....but a single nearby power line forced us in that direction, so we launched quite a few times before we were confident about setting the Deuces on the pad.  Thank goodness both motors lit every time!!  Keith and I are keeping close contact and the Deuces should be in Georgia by the middle of next week around the 15/16 on Jan.  In a new shipping box,,I just have to add the Tennessee momento to the package...

Keith,good luck with the Georgia leg of the tour!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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