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01andy-hobbs-tdd-tennessee.jpg (73423 bytes)
Picture of myself (Andy Hobbs) between launches
02deuce1chute-tennessee.jpg (12751 bytes)
Here is a nice shot of the recovery of Deuce #1
03deuce1liftoff-tennesee.jpg (58144 bytes)
Launch of Deuce #1.  It was so cold that we had trouble catching liftoff's with the camera and this was the best launch shot.  The trees look a lot closer in the picture than they are in reality!
04deuce2.jpg (51425 bytes)
I ran a number of SIMS earlier this week and felt confident that the Deuce's will do fine on B6-4 motors.  So, after the C6-3 launches, we moved to the edge of the parking area and I launched Deuce #2 on two B6-4's.  No problem as she climbed quickly and straight up to a height of about 400 feeet and the 'chute was just past apogee with plenty of leeway to spare.  I now feel confident that the Deuce's will fly fine on B6-4's for those who may have a relatively small field to fly them from.  She recovered about 30 feeet from the launch pad.
05rangehead-tdd-tennessee.jpg (28578 bytes)
Here is a picture of our setup as Suzanne (Hobbs) prepares to launch Deuce #2.  We used a 12V marine battery and a launch pad I built from a halogen lamp stand.
06suzanne-hobbs-tdd-tennessee.jpg (88261 bytes)
Here is a picture of Suzanne with the Deuces.  I promised her a celebratory steak dinner for braving the cold with me today!

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