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Tour de Deuce South Carolina!
Hosted by Randy Trotter!
May 9th, 2004
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South Carolina

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) From Tom:

Tour de Deuce SC Successful!

Rocketmaniac (Randy Trotter) will give more details but the Tour De Deuce flights were both successful at the Orangeburg ROSCO launch Saturday.

I also flew the Tres, see the 54 mm Tres thread for details.

From Randy Trotter:

Yes indeed...... 13 down and 37 to go!!!!!!  When I first started unpacking my truck I saw that Mark Canepa, photographer and writer for Extreme Rocketry was parked two trucks down from me........ I told him what I was doing and he quickly came over and asked a lot of questions...... He is going to write about a group of kids that were there (Savannah Science Seminar) and will include the "Tour de Deuce" in his article!!!!!!!! Now how cool is that.......  He took a lot of pics and has told me that he will send me some. Also "Rocketjunkie" was there with his camera. He will post stuff his pics as soon as he can. As for me, I took my cheap digital camera and a regular 35mm. I will finish the roll today and then take it to a 1-hour photo on Monday. I will send Jim the pics in a day or two.

It took me a while to get them launched, but this was because I wanted Rocketjunkie to help take pics..... He was involved in two very big projects (See the 'May ROSCO launch' Thread for more details) and I had to wait.......... Once on the pads, we had some minor electrical problems and we actually launched Deuce #2 first (the yellow tipped one is #2 right?) Great boost, both motors lit just fine, great flight........ The same was true for Deuce #1....

Both rockets were recovered with no damage at all.........

As for the Rockets, I want to "add" something from South Carolina (a small flag for something) and will get them in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

Well it is time to start getting ready for day 2 of our launch.

I want to say thanks to Eugenio, Jason and Jim for letting me be a part of this great project.


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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