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deuceslanded4.jpg (8307 bytes)
The Deuce's have landed (arrived) in South Carolina!
000.jpg (65058 bytes)
Here are the Deuce's displayed on the back of my truck
001.jpg (88614 bytes)
Here they are prepped and ready for the pad
deuceslanded6.jpg (24447 bytes)
On the pads and armed!
005.jpg (101529 bytes)
A better view of them on the pads and ready to go
006.jpg (46341 bytes)
Shortly after another rocket launched, it's their turn next!
deuce1.jpg (66918 bytes)
5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 . ....
deuce2.jpg (24081 bytes)
Here's Deuce #2 with both motors burning away!!!!! This pic was taken by Rocketjunkie....... Thanks Tom.....
deuce2a.jpg (85716 bytes)
TdD #1 follows suit shortly afterward.  Perfect in every way!

South Carolina photoalbum home