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Tour de Deuce New York!
Hosted by Nick DeBrita with CTRA-NARCON at Pine Plains, NY

November 16th, 2003
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Cold, it was out in Pine Plains, NY for the 2nd phase of the Tour de Deuce project.  On hand was Nick DeBrita (above left), host and chair of this leg of the Deuce's journey across the country.  FlisKits was on hand to lend moral support and help in any way we could, but this was Nick's show pure and simple.  He arranged to have the launch with CTRA-NARCONN at their regular launch, transported the models, prepared them for flight and lofted them both to perfect flights.

Many thanks to Nick for all his hard work.  He wasn't feeling well this day but knew how important this was to the nation wide TDD team effort and he worked through any discomfort to get the job done.  Thanks are also extended to all of the folks at CTRA-NARCONN for their gracious welcome and allowing us to interrupt their normal routine for a short while.

We had a great day of flying and meeting new rocketry friends from the great state of New York!

The photo album at right can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail which will present the image in this frame for easy viewing.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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