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A big honkin' rocket on HPR pad B1
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A big honkin' Green Gorilla motor lifts said big honkin' rocket!

(A scratchbuilt 1/2 scale Doorknob on an AMW K670GG)
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Nick DeBrita hooks up the ignitors to TDD #1 & TDD #2

(Hope he don't mess it up!)
You can see the TTD version of the Midnight Express on the pad to the right.
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Focus, Nick, FOCUS...  The WHOLE country is watching!
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A wonderful rack for the TDD-NY launch, left to right: TDD #2, TDD #1, TDD-Express, 24mm Deuce's Wild! Upscale
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While doing photo-ops on the TDD models, they launched from the HPR pads
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Nick DeBrita (left) and Jim Flis pose with the rack of Deuce's
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A close up with focus on the TDD models
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TDD #2 takes to the air on perfect dual C6-5's!
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TDD #2 returns, ending a perfect 2nd flight!
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TDD #1 takes off after her sister ship for a second perfect flight!
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The return of TDD #1 is as picture perfect as that of TDD #2
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Say what you want about paper rockets, but they get a LOT of work out of A8-3 motors, let me tell you!  Everyone there was amazed with how fast and high this model went, with a perfect recovery to boot.
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Deuce-24 on a perfect boost...
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...and perfect recovery
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Nick DeBrita places his Tethys on the pad
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"let's see, I tighten this knob, wiggle, good and strong.  ok, next i'm supposed to do something with these wire thingies here, now where's that check list..."

(Nick gets it all together at HPR pad B2)
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In the mean time, we launch some fun from the low power pads.  This is an Estes kit, though I do not know the name of it.  It produced wonderful, perfectly straight flights time after time.
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The FlisKits Drake takes to the air on a C11-5
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The parachute wouldn't open in the crisp, cold air.  No damage though as she appeared to *glide* in under the chute.
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Nick appears to have figured out all them wire thingies out there on the HPR pads...
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Nick DeBrita's Tethys on an H238T.  This motor was incredible.  As the LCO put it into perfect words when he commented "that was punted into the sky".  It is a rewarding *THUMP* and she's airborn and coasting in an instant!
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Nick used this rocket to display his new parachute.  An absolute beauty that brought this rocket down as gentle as a feather.
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While the Tethys is coming back to earth, we got to see an interesting CHAD staged model using 2 D12 CHAD staged motors and a D12 sustainer.  This model launched a number of times today.

An interesting angle for a high power V2 launch
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Ok, so the Tethys does finally come back to earth after her fantastic flight and gentle landing  under that VERY large chute.  Not a problem as this is a BIG, BIG field.  Here is Nick retrieving her and carefully packing that chute back up.
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What you didn't see in that last picture that you see here, is just where Nick landed that Tethys.  That's Nick on the left and there's the LCO table on the right.  Those of you who were at NARAM may remember Nick launching most ANYthing and landing it nearly back ON the pads.
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Here's a shot of the flight line.  That's my truck (second from the right) and my friends (Jim Meyer) car on the extreme right.
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Here is the 2nd ever A.C.M.E. Spitfire proto-type.  This model has flown 4 times now.   It was built as a part of the instruction generation for this kit.  Its third launch was performed by Vern Estes and he and his lovely wife Gleda signed it after the launch.
P1070673estes.JPG (16343 bytes)
Here is a close up of the signatures.
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Having been told that the "tradition" is to launch signed models at least one more time, here she goes on her 4th and final flight.  She will be on display now, at FlisKits.
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A Black Brant X on a K550W
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She produced a very nice trail into the sky but was never recovered.
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Not having many FlisKits kits to fly this weekend (my flying kits were scattered up and down the eastern seaboard at various functions), I thought it would be fun to launch some of my classics.  This is an original Astron Spaceman, painted as Mr. Spock.
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A nice rack of Estes models and scratch builts.  Mr. Spock looks very small there.
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Spock to Enterprise, one to beam up.
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An unknown scratch built takes to the air.
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Jm Flis' original Astron Gyroc ready for another flight.  (originally built in the early 70's)
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Nick got a whole lotta work out of that Tethys today!
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Jim Flis' Astron Gyroc turned in a rather squirly flight due to a warped fin.  She still flew well and recovered perfectly.
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An Estes Snitch rips into the sky!
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This was an F72 launch attempt by Dan Patell.  I left a lot of "air" above it in the shot in the hopes of capturing its launch.  What I got instead was a neat cato shot.  See the exploded view below.
P1070686crop.JPG (36868 bytes)
This closeup of the F72 cato gives you an idea of how violent a mishap this was!
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Jim Flis's Persephone (part of the Triple Threat) on an A10-0T motor.  These motor really scoot, even in a flying saucer!
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Scratchbuilt Nonami on a G33J
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Nick DeBrita's Tethys on an H210R
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Perfect recovery on that perfect parachute.
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An out of focus picture of the FlisKits OverDue on pad 2
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The OverDue attracted a lot of attention with its unique tube fin arrangement.
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FlisKits had to pack their booth up early and head out for the 4 hour trip back home, but not before Jim Flis launched his scratch built mini (13mm) Sputnik model.

That was it for the day.  At least the part that FlisKits attended.  We were warmly welcome by the folks at CTRA and the 2nd of 50 launches for the Tour de Deuce went off without a hitch.  Here's to 48 more successful stops for these famous kits!