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Tour de Deuce Mississippi!
Hosted by Bill Roberts and his wonderful classroom full of students!

February 22nd, 2004
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transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) From Bill Roberts:

TThe Deuces flew today in Mississippi! With the almost perfect weather (mildly windy) and our small flying field, I decided to go for it and not waste the precious window of opportunity. I was going to wait for the next school week for the class of kids who were going to participate, but next week weather was looking bad.

With all the red tape to take kids out from school and changing weather conditions, this could go on forever. At least now, the Tour de Deuce Mississippi is complete! I will have to deal with the kids later!!! If weather permits Tuesday, I will launch again with the kids. So we will not have lost anything; if the Deuces are to last for at least 50 launches, one more apiece may not make any difference. The flights were picture perfect: to me this is a beautiful high flight and recovery that travels the whole length of our field and lands softly just within it's boundaries! It was late in the day, and the twin flames really stood out! I am not very successful in capturing the moment of ignition with the digital camera, but I got one of my personal Deuce and we have a video of them taking off in the dark! Eugene, these flew as well as any rocket I have ever launched, with one doing a slow roll under thrust! Maybe it was the Deuce with the deflected fin?

Next, is on to Wisconsin for the NARCON leg of the Tour de Deuce!

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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