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Here is the initial arrival of the Tour de Deuce to Mississippi and the Mississippi team.   My son is to my right and my daughter is holding one of the Deuces.  This is the 4th, 5th & 6th grade classes at Presbyterian Day School.
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The entrants in the Color the Deuces coloring contest with a Mississippi flavor.
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More entrants in the coloring contest.
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The kids judged the artworks and piced the favorites themselves.
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You can't see enough detail in those group shots so I took the liberty of enlarging a couple of them.
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These are great and we (FlisKits) are proud to have our favorite rocket displayed in this manner!
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Last pair for now
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This was our set for the Chamber of Commerce program spot on Model Rocketry as a Hobby, featuring the Tour de Deuce rockets.  Notice the FlisKits kits and the unfinished Drake rocket!  This program should air in 2-3 weeks (has already aired)
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Launch Day late Saturday: The window of opportunity was narrowly open.  Where are those mild summer days!  I guess that's why the Tour goes south this time of year!   Winds are GREAT for flags though.
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Here is our own Deuce's Wild! on the pad ready for launch.
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Liftoff of our own Deuce's Wild!  These digital cameras make it hard to capture the actual liftoff shots. (really not bad)
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Here is Deuce's Wild! #1 awaiting liftoff.  This was supposed to BE lifoff, I just can't caputre it with this digital camera.
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Flight #1 was a beautiful high flight on 2 C6-5's with a long drifing recovery and soft landing right at the boundaries of our field.  Here is the recovery team.

(Now, seriously, have you EVER seen happier kids??)

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Here is LIFTOFF of Deuce's Wild! #2...
I still can't capture liftoff with this digital camera!
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Flight #2 was the same as the first; perfect ; with the added bonus of the famous Jason Toft induced slow roll at liftoff! It really is cool. We also had a VHs camcorder on a tripod so I guess the only way I can catch liftoff is to catch it on TV!! Really, do you want to see 50 shots of the deuces all alike?
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The daylight was quickly disappearing and the deuces are really a sight to see at twilight!!! That flourescent green chute gets kinda hard to see! The deuces have been retired for Mississippi now and this was an experience I will never forget!
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Another image from the TV video showing the launch in twilight.
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The Mississippi leg of the Tour de Deuce has come to a close. Thank you for letting us participate in this event! So now it's on to Wisconsin and good luck with their flights. FLISKITS ARE THE BEST KITS!!!!

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