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dw2launchsmall.jpg (82205 bytes)
Deuce #2 liftoff!
dw2recover.jpg (79901 bytes)
Recovery of Deuce #2
dw1onpadsm.jpg (80553 bytes)
Deuce #1 on the pad, ready to go!
dad12tddsmall.jpg (94633 bytes)
Launch Crew: I am with #1 daughter and #3 son.
dadteenertddsmall.jpg (89444 bytes)
Dad with #2 daughter
deuceboosteronpadsmall.jpg (62407 bytes)
A 2-stage Deuce booster flew on a pair of gap staged C6-0 to C6-5  Perfect flights!
24mmdwsmall.jpg (44069 bytes)
Many other club members flew their Deuce's Wild! kits and I flew my Tres also.  Here is a 24mm DW upscale

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