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Tour de Deuce Maine!
Hosted by Neil Thompson

September 5th, 2004
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TdD Maine, Perfect!

Wahoo!!!! TdD Maine was PERFECT. Perfect weather, perfect motors, perfect EVERYTHING. Well, not perfect everything. There was the small problem that I could hardly talk due to a rather nasty cold, but I wouldent miss the Labor Day Launch at Cherryfield for any reason, even if I had to haul my rockets up there by hand.

Next, I got the Deuces box out. They had arrived unscathed. I prepped them with the recommended engines - dual C6-5s. Then I packed the new chutes (MMHPR 18" for the lighter one, 22" for the heavier one), and took them to the pad. The first one flew great. See pictures. There was some slight spin, due, I expect, to the one fin thats off center. Got it back just fine, and readied Deuce #2. Pretty much the same thing, only a little higher, and no spin this time. Perfect recovery, yet again. There is no damage to speak of. Both flights were picture perfect. Attached are the ignition pictures of the Deuces, and the pic of me holding them. And yes, I know I didn't comb my hair for this picture, but I got up at the crack of dawn, and didn't bother with such things.

See you around the internet!


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