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Patrick's Aerotrash II hangs on the rod and burns a 1/4" hole in Terry's blast plate
20040403-11.jpg (41837 bytes)
A splash of Alpha's go nice with the existing decor
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That redneck saucer (Pheord X150) is just too fast on a D11 to stop action with my camera!
20040403-17.jpg (66276 bytes)
The Deuce is loose!  and so is my hair...
20040403-22.jpg (97516 bytes)
Patricia holding a pair of Deuces
20040403-23.jpg (26351 bytes)
Deuces' to the left of me,
20040403-24.jpg (66877 bytes)
Deuces' to the right...
20040403-25.jpg (40092 bytes)
A perfect deploy in the middle, WHEW!
20040403-26.jpg (52361 bytes)
Saucer drag racing is serious stuff!
20040403-27.jpg (16056 bytes)
And their off!
20040403-33.jpg (36916 bytes)
Packing up after a fun day...
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Kentucky Photoalbum Home