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Tour de Deuce IOWA!
Hosted by Larry Vetter

June 13th, 2004
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Whoo Hoo! TdD Iowa, now complete!

The weather here in Iowa since Friday has been wild at times, and beautiful at times. Storms on Friday evening with heavy rain, hail and tornados. Saturday morning sunshine, light winds, and by mid-afternoon strong wind and rain. Sunday sunny and light winds all day.

Both Jason, and Steve were unable to make it for the launch, but the weather was near perfect this afternoon. As I started to prep Deuce #1 the nervousness built. I think I repacked the chute three times. Both rockets were loaded with a pair of C6-5s as the winds were almost calm.

I had decided to launch my stock Deuce's Wild on a pair of B6-4s first to see how the winds ( HA, what wind) were, and to make sure everything was working. Both motors lit and off it went straight and true with a perfect recovery.

Next we took a couple of photos with the 35mm camera of the rockets held by my son Jeramy, and daughter Ashley. I then installed the igniters and loaded Deuce #1 on the pad. Jeramy did the five count and then it was dual flame on, and at 5:32pm central time Deuce#1 was on its way into the Iowa sky.

With both motors burning Deuce#1 flew straight up with a slight roll, and a pretty orange chute just after apogee. WHEW!!! One down! Deuce #1 landed less than 150' from the pad.With Deuce#1 back on the ground safely it was time to load Deuce #2 on the pad.

Deuce #2 has had a little rougher life than Deuce#1, so I wondered how it was going to fly compared to Deuce #1. With Jeramy once a gain doing the five count Deuce #2 roared to life and at 5:37 pm sailed straight into the Iowa sky.

Once again both motors lit. Whew! Deuce #2 being just a little heavier just started back down when that pretty lime Green chute deployed, and Deuce#2 floated gently back to the ground less than a 100' from the pad.

Two perfect flights! It was a relief to have both rockets back safe and sound.

It was awesome to be a part of this rocketry adventure, and actually I'm a little sad its over.The disappointing part for me was that Jason, and Steve couldn't be here. No fault of theirs, just busy summer time schedules.

For the rest of you volunteers, when you receive that big box in the mail with the Tour DE Deuce Logo on it you can't help but get excited. Think about where these two rockets have been. The miles they have been shipped, and the skies they have flown in. It is exciting, so enjoy it.

Eugene, and Jason, you guys have done a great job on these two rockets, and for coming up with this idea. I hope that these two rockets will make it into the air in every state and return safely. Fliskits, thanks for a great kit (the Deuce's Wild). Good luck to all of you on your leg of the Tour De Deuce........ Larry

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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