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tourdedeucerockets007.jpg (77989 bytes)
Arrived safe and sound!
scan0024.jpg (70995 bytes)
Ashley with Deuce #2, Larry in the middle, and Jeramy holding Deuce #1
tourdedeucerockets005.jpg (84701 bytes)
Deuce #1 & #2 on the pad, protected between the US flag and the Iowa flag.
scan0025.jpg (32524 bytes)
Larry and Jeramy loading Deuce #1 onto the pad
scan0026.jpg (30548 bytes)
Hooking up the clip whip
scan0027.jpg (27740 bytes)
Focus! focus...
scan0029.jpg (22786 bytes)
Deuce #1 lifts off on its way to a perfect flight
scan0032.jpg (24748 bytes)
Deuce #1 just before touchdown!
scan0034.jpg (33393 bytes)
Jeramy loads Deuce #2 on the pad for its turn
scan0035.jpg (30202 bytes)
Deuce #2 on its way into the Iowa sky
Tour De Deuce Rockets 023.jpg (11904 bytes)
Deuce #2 with a good chute just after apogee
Tour De Deuce Rockets 024.jpg (94892 bytes)
Landing in the bean field
Tour De Deuce Rockets 025.jpg (60140 bytes)
Jeramy retrieving Deuce #2
Tour De Deuce Rockets 030.jpg (69043 bytes)
Larry and Jeramy giving four thumbs up for two perfect flights (one thumb for each motor!)
Tour De Deuce Rockets 031.jpg (110381 bytes)
A perfect end to an exciting mission.  But one of fifty steps.

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