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Tour de Deuce Illinois!
Hosted by Steve Msomeone

October 25th, 2004
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TdD Illinois, Rain and wet, but good!

From Steve via The Rocketry Forum:

Saturday was a wash out ,rain and 30 mph wind We did go Sunday morning to launch but because there was such a crowd and with my other project no time to fly the deuces. So we will fly at home. When are they due in California??? I took some picts of the deuces at Midwest Power 2 and answered a lot of questions. My daughters project a 7ft tall Mercury 7 with GI Joe capsule flew on a K445 Pro54. Wicked burn and long delay deployed Joe late; Booster came down on 3 66in chutes a beautiful sight. The capsule came apart and sent Joe on a ballistic reentry, after a long search he was found with the remains of his capsule still strapped to his seat! By the time I got back the line for pads was 25 deep and I was out of time. We will launch the Deuces at a local park this week. Tired must get sleep over and out!

Had time after work, NO wind!!Small crowd looked on after first launch. Near disaster when only one motor lit by luck rocket hung on launch rod and tipped over and ejected NO damage!!! I will examine carefully and pack tonight, ship when I get off work tomorrow: picts to follow, from the small LCD screen looks like missed liftoff, smoke but no Deuce?? Sometimes I get lucky but not today. What a relief and kind of sad my part is over. Thanks for letting me be a part of this!!Off to download camera and pick my mementos for the box

Both Deuce's flew we just picked it up and reloaded with 1 new C-6-5 and off it went picture perfect Flights on both the Deuces

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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