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Tour de Deuce Hawaii!
Hosted by Eugenio Cebollero in the town of Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii

December 27th, 2003
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TDD Hawaii

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) From Eugenio Cebollero,

Greetings all! I just got back from the park. The Tour de Deuce Hawaii leg is official!  Both flights went without a hitch!

Flight Report:
Location: Oahu, Hawaii - Town of Kapolei
Date: Dec. 27, 2003
Time: 11:40am (Hawaiian Std Time)
Conditions: 78 degrees, sunny, 1-2mph breeze

Florida, New York, Virginia, and now Hawaii are amongst the first few states to experience the "Tour de Deuce" project. This holiday season was extra special in that I was able to travel to Hawaii for the third time. While here, I was fortunate enough to conduct the Hawaii leg of the "Tour de Deuce" nationwide project. Despite several unsuccessful attempts to contact the local NAR group, I pressed on in classic FlisKits/"The Rocketry Forum" style and conducted the launch of the two "Deuce's Wild!" rockets. Although the local club was unable to attend, my initial feeling is that most clubs are on break due to the holidays.

In my company was my girlfriend's family and a special group of friends - one gentleman by the name of Michael Hawksworth is in the US visiting us all the way from South Africa. For him this was certainly an exciting event having never witnessed a model rocket flight. Also in our presence were several residents of the local community including a family with a few children. They had seen us setting up and were interested in seeing a few rockets fly. Afterwards, they were surprised and very gracious to accept my donation of the Estes "Tidal Wave" RTF starter set. I have a feeling they were instantly hooked!

After a few days of scoping out the city in search of "rocketry land", the chosen field was a large and treeless low grassy lot slated for future residential development. It was ideally located alongside a children's playground.

The flights of Deuces #1 and #2 were flawless on a pair of C6-7s. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate any C6-5s, but all in all I was especially thankful the local hobby shop still carried model rocketry products at all. Due to hightened airport security, I left my Estes Command Control at home and opted to harness 12V directly from a vehicle battery. To start our day, the Estes Tidal Wave RTF rocket tested the winds and boosted nearly out of sight on a C6-7. Being comfortable with the trajectory and the direction of the wind, I made a brief announcement and set up the preloaded Deuce #2 on the tiny Porta Pad. With a 5 count, the Deuce put on a performance and recovered under its bright green nylon chute. Flight #2 on Deuce #1 produced an equally outstanding flight. The trajectory was right overhead and the arc was into the mild breeze. Ejection came just as the Deuce aimed its nosecone downward. Off to the races we went in chase of the floating Deuce.

...and so the "Tour de Deuce" saga will continue on. I certainly hope the volunteers ahead of me are able to enjoy this project as much as I have. Whether it be in the snow, overcast skies, sunny skies, warm weather, frigid weather, or tropical climate of Hawaii, I look forward to hearing more of the excitement the "Tour de Deuce" is already generating.

Special thanks: The Dickson Family for their hospitality in accommodating this day trip, Shanti Dickson (35mm Photo credit), Michael Hawksworth (Digital Photo credit), Jane Dickson (camcorder credit), The Hobby Company (Pearlridge Mall, HI) for their assistance in providing me local contact information, and the local friends who came out to witness these flights.


Eugenio Cebollero

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