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Surrounded by lava rock and flowers, the Deuces are joined by "The Rocketry Forum" in spirit
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Eugenio runs ignition wire while the locals patiently await the launch
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Some light ground support and photography equipment made for a successful launch
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The Deuces take a Hawaiian sun bath for all the northerners who couldn't be there.
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In the spirit of "aloha", the Deuces pose with the Hawaii State Flag, traditional leis, and our Nation's Flag.
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A frontal view of the Deuces
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Eugenio loads the Estes Tidal Wave RTF on the pad
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Eugenio takes one last look at the trees to determine wind direction
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A top view of the Deuces, leis, and flags
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The Dickson Family, friends from Texas, a visitor from S. Africa, and Hawaii locals pose for the Hawaii TDD group picture
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Satisfied with the trajectory, Eugenio connects the ignitor leads
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Deuce #2 is escorted to the pad

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