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Keith Stewart with the TDD Deuce's Wild! kits.
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Keith showing the TRF Colors!
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Greg Lane getting them ready to launch!
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TDD #1 and TDD #2 ready to go!
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Launch of TDD #1.  Not quite quick enough on the shutter!
tdd16.jpg (29668 bytes)
Greg Lane got this great shot of the Deuce under full power!
tdd07.jpg (36774 bytes)
Good 'chute deployment on TDD #1
tdd08.jpg (87073 bytes)
TDD #1 being recovered by Jon Ellis (Son of the plantation manager)
tdd09.jpg (74675 bytes)
TDD #2 launch, Keith and Jackson (son of the plantation manager) pushing the button!
tdd10.jpg (31647 bytes)
Two for two as Deuce number two returns to earth
tdd11.jpg (85861 bytes)
Safely on the ground, ready for a trip to Alabama!
tdd12.jpg (81482 bytes)
Keith passing the TDD Deuce's to Greg Lane for the Alabama launch scheduled for February 7th!
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Jon Ellis (red shirt) and Jackson pose with these to famous rockets.
tdd14.jpg (98048 bytes)
Jackson with the Deuce's
tdd15.jpg (85331 bytes)
Here is a view of our launch field.

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