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Tour de Deuce Florida!
Hosted by Jason Toft, Eugenio Cebollero at Bunnell Blast

November 8th, 2003
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It was a warm overcast day at the start of the Bunnell Blast, hosted by NEFAR and the beginning of the Tour de Deuce.  Jason and Eugenio had invited me down but I don't think they ever figured I would actually be able to make it.

I didn't think I would either, but as fate would have it I found a way down.   I was thrilled with the prospect of being there for the first launch of these two most famous Deuce's Wild! kits and happy to help kick this project off right!

Having just left New Hampshire's 40 degree November to an 85 degree day in Florida I was boiling yet when a breeze would pop up I would feel comfortable while my guests started to shiver.  It was a great day of flying at the Bunnell Blast and we were able to demonstrate many FlisKits model rocket kits and nearly a dozen Deuce's Wild! kits, including the featured Tour de Deuce models.

Both launches, TDD #1 and TDD #2 were picture perfect with clean straight boosts and flawless recoveries.  We hope you enjoy this photo album and keep your eyes open for other photo albums of this fabulous tour of the country!

Many thanks to the folks at NEFAR for their support of our project and their warm welcome when we invaded their launch.  Thank you to the folks at The Rocketry Forum for their contributions to this effort and support of this project.  A most SPECIAL thank you to Jason and Eugenio for creating and coordinating this complex, exciting project.  You guys are the greatest!

The photo album at right can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail which will present the image in this frame for easy viewing.

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
"FlisKits make the best kits!"

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