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Team TDD gets set up on this foggy morning.
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Our TDD display showed off many versons of the Deuce's Wild along side the two TDD models.
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TDD City, as it were.  We were 3 tents wide and had a ball the whole day!
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The T2-G.R.I.P. ready for launch.  This was her last flight suffering blade failure and augering into the hardpack.
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A space alien (there were many here today)
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Jason Toft with his FlisKits Praetor
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Two stage saucer, the FlisKits Pheord X-150 proves it's hauling power by lifting a Persephone (from the Triple Threat) to 100 feet before letting Persephone off on her own.
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Jason's Preator boosts perfectly straight
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And returns under a bright chute under a clear blue sky
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Eugenio Cebolleroe poses with his Video-Deuce painted in the TDD logo colors
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Eugenio shows a profile of his Video-Deuce.  He was unable to fly it this weekend due to ignitor problems and a busy day.
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A beautiful trio of rockets drag-race off the mid-power pads
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Chris VanGlahn and Russell Robinson prep some models while Eugenio's and Jason's dads look on.  Note the ACME Spitfire and Tres.
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Chris wires up his ACME Spitfire while Russel looks on
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Eugenio poses with his Video-Deuce just before a mis-fire grounds this model for the day
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Chris' ACME Spitfire takes to the air much to the delight of all!
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My proto-type Tres screams on a perfect 3-motor ignition!  Slated for release in November, this model attracted a lot of attention
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Drifting ever closer to the trees, I tried to get a picture off before loosing sight of the Tres (See inset).  Fortunately, Eugenio saw the tree it landed in and had a pole long enough for him, his dad and I to get it back!  Thank you Eugenio!
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One of many models from the high power pads.  If anyone has the specifics of these flights, please let me know so that I can update this album.
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Another very high flier!
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Nice shot of a V2 on a D12
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This was the maiden flight of the NEFAR version of the Midnight Express model that we made up as a "Thank You" for hosting our first TDD launch.  Perfect recovery and a great flight.
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The A.C.M.E. Redstone turns in a perfect flight!
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Chris and Russell pose for a quick pic
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An interesting angle for a high power V2 launch
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In this blow-up, you can clearly see the V2 under boost and the way-ward bird who probably realized this wasn't the safest place to fly.
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Perfect launch and a perfect recovery for that V2
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We all play together very well, thank you.  Eugenio, with his TRF t-shirt listens to see if he won anything in the raffle along side someone wearing an ROL t-shirt.
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Raffling off a FlisKits Praetor as one of the dozens of fine prizes given out this day.
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And the winner is...  (Someone know his name?)  He was thrilled with this win as the Praetor was one of the kits he hadn't purchased yet!
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The Florida Tour de Deuce team poses with a litter of Deuce's!  Left to right we have Russell, Jason, Jim, Eugenio, Chris.  Jim is holding the trademark TDD upscale while Jason and Eugenio hold the actual TDD models.
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Nearing the moment of truth, a whole rack of Deuce's are loaded up.  Heck, this is better than a "rack of ribs"!
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As proud as can be, two stock kit Deuce's Wild! kits share the pad with the two most famous Deuce's ever built!
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One final pose with these historic models before their flight, Jason, Jim and Eugenio are far more nervouse that they seem.
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Liftoff of the two stock Deuce's Wild! kits in a fast action drag race!  NOTE: The Deuce on the right only had one motor ignite.  Both models turned in a perfect, straight flight with perfect recovery.
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TDD #1
TDD #1takes to the air on dual C6-5 motors for a perfect flight and a perfect beginning to the Tour de Deuce!
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TDD #2
TDD #2 makes us 2 for 2 on perfect flights for the Tour de Deuce as she screams into the air on dual C6-5's.
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And a perfect recovery on both TDD's to the cheers of all present!
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Eugenio returns with TDD #1.  TDD #2 gently drapped herself across the safety rope on the launch field near the LCO table.
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Jim Flis' Sprint-73 on the pad for her 402nd and final flight.  This model was launched on her 401st flight at NARAM 45 by Vern Estes then signed by Vern and his lovely wife Gleda.  Having been told that signed rockets must fly at least once, I flew her at Bunnell Blast and then retired her for good.
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And off she goes on an A8-3 (hey, a 30 year old model with over 400 flights and Vern's autograph doesn't see much more than an A motor)
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A beautiful shot of our nations flag flying proudly at Bunnell Blast
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A deuce of Deuce's!  Dual 24mm Deuce's Wild! upscales drag race in a show of colors for the Tour de Deuce
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ZOOM goes the HPR.  Man, these things are QUICK!
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Dual deploy is SO neat to see work so perfectly!
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Greased lightning should BE so fast!
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Ok, so night has fallen and out come the glow-sticks.  This is my first night launch.   I didn't know WHAT to expect, but I certainly didn't expect THIS....  Mork would have been proud
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Not much to see and harder than heck to get a focus, but here is a group of folks gathered around the lower power pad as they get their models ready for launch.
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Leaving the shutter open seems to work best when trying to capture a night launch.   We had many misfires, but occationally got that once-in-a-lifetime launch.
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Added to all the excitement, we were treated to a wonderful lunar show with a total eclipse!
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Traveling home at night, I found the city lights below to be a hypnotizing sight.