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Jason protecting the TdD models from the harsh sun
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Jason dreams of bigger mosquitos
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Chatting around the booth
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Good view of the TRF banner and the new Tour de Deuce banner
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Jason begins prep of the TdD models
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The TdD map that Jason and his dad worked so hard on.  Simply incredible!
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The business end of Eugenio's 29mm upscale Deuce's Wild!
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The 29mm with one of the TdD models
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Who IS that hooded man messing with the Deuce!??!  Why, it's none other than our very own Eugenio!
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Eugenio hooks the ignitors up to his 29mm Deuce upscale
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Perfect launch!
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A close up of that perfect launch
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Perfect recovery!
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FlisKits Tres boosting on a single motor!

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TRF Members group shot (L to R):
Top Row: Eric Williams, David Reese, Jason Toft, Cliff Sojourner.  Bottom Row: Eugenio Cebollero, Tim (kellytym88) and Chris (SpartaChris)

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Cliff Sojourner places his Deuce's Wild! on the pad.
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Cliff hooks her up, ready for flight!
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The crew out at the launch pad with the two TdD models. L-R Jason, Eric, Miguel and Eugenio with TdD #1 on the right and TdD #2 on the left.  Great picture!
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Drag racing Tour de Deuce style!
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And we have laundry!
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Quick retrieval with no damage!
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A quick pose with massive 29mm Deuce upscales.  Nothin' "mocho" going on here, is there??

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