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Tour de Deuce Alabama!
Hosted by Greg Lane and SEARS 572

February 7th, 2004
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TDD Alabama

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Tour De Deuce Alabama

Hosted by SEARS 572

The Southeast Alabama Rocketry Society (SEARS) hosted the Alabama stop of  Tour De Deuce at their February 7, 2004 club launch. The conditions were  not the best with winds 10 to 15 mph, but the two tour deuces had great  flights. This launch was a special treat as the TDD originators, Eugenio  Cebollero and Jason Toft from the Tampa/St. Pete area of Florida were in  attendance. The field had received three inches of rain the night before  and sure enough the car that got stuck, up to the rims, was Eugene's rental  car. Also Jason was greatly relieved to see the two TDD Deuce's were in good condition. They are his "babies" he said.

The SEARS club and guests put together a special mass launch of eleven Deuce's Wilds. Ten of the eleven made it off the rods and it was quite a visual diplay enjoyed by all. Keith Stewart took the perfect still photo included in this report. Likewise, Marty Wiggins captured the launch on

The Tour De Deuce is on an a sweep of the south having stopped at Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. Mississippi is the next stop. We enjoyed the company of Eugene, his Dad, Jason and also Tim Breland of Selma Alabama who is Slim_t on The Rocketry Forum.

Greg Lane
SEARS 572 President

NOTE: The photos in this album were taken by Keith Stewart with some from Tim Breland.  The video's were shot and provided by Marty Wiggins. Thank you much for your help with this album!

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