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Who's Who - Eugenio Cebollero


Eugenio with his Maxi-Gyroc

transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes) Name: Eugenio M. Cebollero
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Age (at start of project): 25
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Location: Sunny Florida
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Occupation: Information Systems Administrator and part time college student
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NAR Certified Level 1

I began exploring the hobby of model rocketry during my elementary school years. My initial interests in the hobby were fueled by dreams of one day becoming an astronaut even after the tragic loss of Space Shuttle Challenger. Like most rocketeers who consider themselves to be Born Again Rocketeers (BARs), I left the hobby sometime during high school in pursuit of what is described as Elkind's personal fable. Shortly after graduation I enlisted in the Air Force where I served as a Computer and Network Switching Systems Technician. After nearly six

years of inactivity in the hobby, my jumpstart back into rocketry began in January 2001 when I returned home and pulled out some of my old models from the attic. Armed with the internet and a realization that rocket motors exceeded "D" class impulse, between work and college, the hobby has become a regular part of how I spend my free time.

Some of my proudest achievements in rocketry include: first and third place in the 1991 University of South Florida, College of Engineering, eggloft and spot landing competitions; NAR Level 1 Certification flight (2002); second place (2002) and first place (2003) in the Tampa Hillsborough Organization of Rocketry (NAR Chapter #598) "April Foolishness" parachute-free eggloft duration events; second year rocketry guest speaker in the "Annual Great American Teach-in"; 2003 volunteer for a local homeschoolers one week rocketry workshop; and assistant to Jason Toft organizing and arranging a local library one month long rocketry display (2003).

I have agreed to team up with Jason Toft to work on the Tour de Deuce project for various reasons. Simply stated, we love the Deuces Wild! Second, the opportunity to work with Jason, rocketeers across the country, and FlisKits directly, presents an unparalleled experience in rocketry and the model rocketry business in general. Most importantly, in this day and age of e-kids, homeland security concerns, and the possible decline of the hobby, it is my hope this project will do more to promote rocketry in a positive light.

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