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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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FlisKits would like to congratulate Scott Clement for earning the coveted title of Design of the Year winner for 2004!.
More details can be found by following this link.

Design of the Month Winners (Archive - 2003 - 2005)!
This section will provide links to all of the FlisKits Design of the Month First Place Winners, by month and year.  Click on the winning entry and enjoy!

  • 2005 

zenith_header01.jpg (14944 bytes)
Scott Clement - Zenith

Scott Clement's Zenith design is a very unique 2-stage concept that will stretch your building skills but produce incredible results with a model that is sure to attract attention on the flying field.   Congratulations Scott!


P3130034_small.JPG (3208 bytes)
Bruce Markielewski

Bruce really delivers with this interesting boost glider based on the Deltie BG. Boost Gliders (and Rocket Gliders, for that matter) belong to a realm of model rocketry that I have not explored as much as I would like, but I certainly appreciate what goes into the design and flight of these types of birds.  Congratulations Bruce, keep your ideas and designs coming!


P3130034_small.JPG (3208 bytes)
Jake Alexander
AOL Hi Speed Internet

An interesting design by Jake allows us to live out the frustration with all those "free CD's" that seem to fill up our mail boxes these days.  Congratulations Jake!   You're our March winner!


elder-nge1.jpg (10838 bytes)
Greg Elder
NASA Galactic Explorer

Greg blessed us with a wonderful entry.  One that brings to mind the incredible potential of intergalactic exploration.  This design had many things going for it including simplicity without being simple, not to mention very *sharp* looking lines to it.  Congratulations Greg!   You're our first winner in 2005!


cocozzoli-01.jpg (61519 bytes)
Kevin Cocozzoli
Deep Space Probe

As is our prerogative, we have decided that the Deep Space Probe deserves special mention (and a prize to go with it!).   This design didn't win for a variety of reasons that we shan't go into here.   However, the beauty of this design can not be ignored.  It is reminiscent of the retro style designs that us "oldsters" recall from the old "Amazing Story" magazine or even "Mechanics Illustrated" of the 50's and 60's.   With all of the nose cones on this model, this would be incredibly expensive to build, but if you are anything like me, with respect to rocketry, you may have a stockpile of suitable nose
cones just laying around looking for a good project.  Well the Deep Space Probe is it.  Thank you Kevin for this very cool look *back* to the days of  yore.

January Closed with no entries

  • 2004

archer03_small.jpg (2327 bytes)
Len Johnson

Len sent this wonderful design in early December and I got the images scan in right away.  Unfortunately my schedule didn't allow me to get these uploaded in a timely manner and in the interim I have misplaced much of the worded documentation.  In any event, this model wins for the December DOM for its wonderful lines and sharp look with the compound fin.  It appears to have a fairly simple construction and looks like it will really zip into the air!  Thank you Len for this wonderful entry and congratulations!

torp_headrot.jpg (55399 bytes) Scott Clement - Torpedo Scott came up to me at a recent CMASS launch to show me this unique design making good use of the engine mount from the Deuce's Wild! kit.  Not only was the approach truely unique, but it was very well implemented as well.  The model is simply "attractive", well assembled and finished to a "T".  That she flew beautifully was just frosting on the cake.  While this wasn't an easy choice for 1st place, it certainly deserves that rank.  Congrats, Scott, it's simply wonderful :)
Our 2004 Design of the Year award goes to Scott Clement for his incredible adaptation of the Deuce's Wild! engine mount into one of the most unique model rockets I have ever seen.  Presenting a stunning appearance even on the ground, the Torpedo soars into the air with jets of fire and smoke shoot from its mid-section.  This unusual motor location does not leave any marks or residue on the model after flight.  It is simply beautiful!  We have not made a decision as to whether or not this model will be kitted at this time.

Winner - 2004 Design of the YEAR Award!

grull06.jpg (31526 bytes) Stefan Grüll  - Metal Invader Stefan Grüll won out this month in a month filled with exciting entries.  This design really struck our fancy.   It was a mix of her simple lines mixed with a very unusual fin styling.  The coloring was very well selected also.

Congratulations Stefan, great job!

pix1.jpg (54171 bytes) Nick Adams - Interstellar Probe Nick Adams makes his first contribution to the DOM contest and does so with a winning idea. A unique slant on a popular design theme, the Interstellar Probe entry comes with highly detailed documentation and a look that just *screams* 1960's.  Attention to detail on the body markings and strong sense of stability coupled with a very exciting shape earns the DOM for September.  Congrats!

zwaluw_000.jpg (13143 bytes) Henk Siewert - Zwaluw Henk has wowed us with a wonderful design.  Thw Zwaluw is an eye catching design that is easy to build and seems to give very good performance.  With a very graceful look to her, and fully detailed documentation, Henk has done himself proud with this design.  Congratulations!

doug_with_titan_ae.jpg (46048 bytes) Doug Gardei - Titan Doug has created a monster of a model here with very conventional components that performs beautifully.  It has a very nice cluster arrangement (if I do say so myself :) ) as well as some very sleek lines giving it almost a scale air-to-air missile look to it.  If you are looking to scratchbuild a large cluster model, this one is for you!  Check it out.

June CLOSED No Entries for the month of June

lil-smoke-static.jpg (46295 bytes) Tim Breland - Lil' SMoke Tim has taken the recent interest in paper models and used his creativity to come up with a unique twist to this growing segment to the hobby of model rocketry.  Don't let the fact that this was the only entry fool you, this is a great performing model rocket and is one of those rare babies that  you can just print-n-build!

April CLOSED No Entries for the month of April

March CLOSED No Entries for the month of March

February fillets2.jpg (31185 bytes) Eugenio Cebollero - Terrier Sandhawk Eugenio presents us with another version of a 2-stage Terrier Sandhawk design.  It is interesting to note that both Terrier Sandhawk designs submitted to the DOM have won first place.  Don't read anything into this though.  Sending in a Terrier Sandhawk design does
not mean you're going to win!   I am looking forward to seeing this model fly.  Perhaps Eugenio and Jason can plan a dual launch of their two model at some upcoming launch!

January: Tim Breland - Orion Tim Breland has provided us with an interesting design that also has a story, myth if you will, that accompanys it.  Here is one version of the myth of Orion.  The Orion sports a very sleek profile and a rather unique fin arrangement.   It has all the makings of a fine model that could be constructed by even a novice model rocketeer.  Good job, Tim and congratulations on being the first DOM winner for 2004!

  • 2003 Design of the Year contest CLOSED!  Keep watch!
December afterburner cover small.jpg (26679 bytes) Douglas Gardei - Afterburner DX-3 This design just captured me for some reason.  It has cool lines and a real stealthy look.  The other judges agreed and this was our selection for the close of the 2003 Design of the month season!   Congratulations to Doug for all of his hard work in designing,
documenting and testing this design.  On a special note: Due to the number of Deuce's Wild! related designs that have been either submitted to the DOM contest and/or brought to our attention, FlisKits will be holding a "Deuce's Wild! Bash" contest in the very near future, so keep watch!

November toft_herc_nov15_2638crop.jpg (78472 bytes) Jason Toft - Terrier Sandhawk Another difficult month (heck, I may just as well accept that they are ALL going to be difficult!   Fortunately, I'm not the only one making the decisions anymore.)   Congratulations to Jason Toft of Florida for his challenging 2-stage, cluster Terrier-Sandhawk design!
One of the things that slid this design into first place was the positive recovery of the lower stage.  I am hoping to be able to see this (and all the DOM) models fly at some point.  Again, Congrats Jason for your hard work and unique solution to a long time problem (Gap staging with very long lower stages).  We will be most interested in hearing of other flight logs to see how reliable the design is.

October levison_corkscrew2.JPG (7042 bytes) Bruce Levison - Cork Screw Congratulations to Bruce Levison for his unique ring stabilized
rocket design called the "Cork Screw"!  And it just keeps getting better and better, while getting worse and worse each and every month!  October was as hard to judge as September was and our DOM judges are wringing their fingers over all of the fine entries received. (November looks to be just as tough too!).  We selected the Cork Screw primarily for its interesting fin styling and detailed documentation.
transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)
SPECIAL myers_deucesterbooster.jpg (88591 bytes) Jim Myers - Deucester Booster Call me sentimental, call me a "sucker for an easy compliment", but I could not just pass by this month without special recognition for the Deucester Booster by Jim Myers.   This is only one of many, many modifications to the famous Deuce's Wild! kit that have come
across our desk.  Only this time, it came in the form of a DOM entry.  While we did not select this design as the winner for the month of October, we also did not want to fail to acknowledge the design and the work that went into making this a stable, flight worthy version of the Deuce's Wild! design.  Kudo's and hats off to Jim for his innovative modification to our trademark kit.

September davis_rocketsm.gif (12239 bytes) Clive Davis - Papernator Congratulations to Clive for his innovative approach to paper
rocketry!   And *curses* to September for being the all time hardest month to judge!  All of the DOM events have been a bear to judge, but September was the toughest!  We didn't make this decision lightly, but rather with a great deal of thought and soul searching.  In the end (and this was a good week after the end of the contest) we decided that the Papernator would be the September DOM winner.  It is simple, classic looking with a touch of retro built in.

August No Entries.

July Kevin Johnson - Trireme Who's up for triples!?  Congratulations to Kevin for his 3rd win at the FlisKits DOM contest with his July entry Trireme!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin at NARAM 45 and got to see this design up close, including a couple of arrow straight flights!

Without question a most unique design and a fun to fly model.  The Trireme side pods give it a Warp-Nacelle appearance making it look like a starship from the popular TV show.   Although the model looks delicate with those nacelles, she is quite sturdy and turned in some great flights.

June humphries_nc_finished.jpg (15465 bytes) Daren Humphries - Nebulous Cluster We seem to be having a case of "Doubles" here with the DOM contest with a 2nd win by Daren Humphries!  Congratulations Daren
with your most unusual design, the Nebulous Cluster!  This design has many elements that resulted in a win this month.  Very unique lines, but with a clean, fresh look to it.   The tail ring looks as though it belongs on the rocket to serve a functional purpose.  Documentation and flight logs were also a contributing factor with this entry.  Just beautiful!

May: humphries_0002.jpg (16288 bytes) Daren Humphries - Freedom Forge Missile Congratulations Daren Humphries for this fine entry to take the coveted Design of the Month award for May!   Daren's entry
offers scale-like appearance in a sport model with enough detail to appeal to rocketeers from novice to expert!  The novel look to this design excited us at FlisKits the moment we received it and knew this was going to be the design hardest to beat for this month.   Our hats off to Daren with hopes that he continues to share his wonderful designs with the rocketry community and FlisKits!

Winner - 2003 Design of the YEAR Award!
transparent_25x10.gif (830 bytes)

April: johnson_starshiptop34.jpg (46791 bytes) Kevin Johnson - Starship Congratulations to Kevin Johnson for winning TWO DOM contests in a row!  Click on the image of his Starship for details on building this wonderful ship!
The DOM contest has many good features, and one TERRIBLE feature.  That of the painful selection process.   To pick one winning design from so many qualified entries is not easy!  The Starship by Kevin Johnson won over the other designs because of it's startling approach to creative use of design elements.  The America's Hero by Jason Toft is a wonderful design, easily capable of winning the DOM, but the design was lacking in supporting documentation (assembly instructions/guidelines and parts lists).  While these items aren't required, they certainly help when competing with other outstanding designs.  The Hermes RV-A10 by Frederick Talasco is a beautiful example of a little known but highly important part of rocketry history and is a spot-on scale model that can be built by a beginner yet would hold the attention of a master modeler.  Either entry are potential winners in future contests.  Don't stop, don't ever give up!  And congratulations to all our entrants!

March: Foxy BG Kevin Johnson - Foxy_BG FlisKits would like to congratulate Kevin for winning not just this DOM contest, but the first ever DOM contest at FlisKits, Inc.!
January: Not applicable as contest began in March
February: Not applicable as contest began in March


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