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Design of the Month Tip Sheet!

You don't have to be a "Rocket Scientist" to design a model rocket or component.  Well, I guess it couldn't hurt...  But, seriously, don't let the word "DESIGN" scare you or keep you from entering your idea!  The first design of the month contest I won was in the late '60s when I was the ripe old age of 13 and my design was submitted, hand drawn in pencil without photographs.

Why did it win?  It was creative and it was properly documented.  By that, I mean that all of the information needed to allow someone else to build my design, was included.  That being said, here are some tips that can help you prepare your design for consideration in our contest:

  • Your design should include drawings and not just provide a description. (NOTE: Your drawings do NOT have to be done on a computer or even with a ruler.  They just have to be clear, correct and complete.  Don't let a lack of "drafting tools" or a computer prevent you from joining in the fun!)

  • Your design should include a complete parts list. NOTE: While we would obviously encourage you to use FlisKits parts, it is not necessary to do so.  If your design uses a part from another manufacturer, simply include the manufacturers name and part number.  If your design uses a part that needs to be fabricated (hand made), provide instructions on how to do so.  If your design includes a new part that doesn't currently exist, please describe it clearly and accurately so that it can be considered for fabrication.

  • RockSim files are not necessary.  If you do have a RockSim file for your design, feel free to include it as it will be included in the documentation that we will post when your design goes up on our web site.  NOTE: FlisKits does not make use of RockSim and we are unable to read these files.  Your submission must include other documentation to show what your design and the associated patterns actually look like.

  • Photographs are strongly encouraged but not required.  A photograph provides a clear and exciting look at your design and demonstrates the "buildability" of your design.

  • Painted models are best!  If you intend to photograph your model, it will look best if painted first!  Photographs come out best in natural (sun) light and your model will look best if held by someone (to show scale) or on the launch pad, ready to fly (or even IN flight, if you are quick enough with your camera).

  • Photos can be sent electronically or as a print.  If you send prints and wish to have them returned, you MUST include a stamped, self addressed envelope.


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