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FlisKits Design of the Month contest is 
Back on for 2013!
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Design of the Month Rules:


NEW FOR 2013!  For the restart of the FlisKits Design of the Month contest year, we are going to reserve the last month of each quarter for a Themed DOM event!  Formal details of each theme will be provided soon, so keep watch!  For now, get your rocket brains working towards ideas for these planned themes for 2013!

  • March 2013: Nantucket Sound: We're looking for unique and creative finishes and modifications to this most whimsical model rocket kit!

  • June 2013: Frick-n-Frack: Let your imagination go NUTS!  Unique finishes and decorations are the name of the game!

  • September 2013: A.C.M.E. Spitfire - What can we say?  Go nuts!

  • December 2013: Either a Kit-Bash (open to any FlisKits model rocket kit) or a Foam Cup Flying Frenzy!  More on this later!

The rules for the FlisKits' Design of the Month contest are not complicated:

  • All entries become the property of FlisKits, Incorporated; none can be returned.  NOTE: The original designer maintains ownership of the "design" and all privileges thereto.   Only the "entry" ownership is maintained by FlisKits.

  • Enter as often as you like!

  • Employees of FlisKits, Inc. and members of their immediate families are not eligible to enter.

  • Designs should be sent to FlisKits, Inc., Design of the Month, 6 Jennifer Drive, Merrimack, NH, 03054, or via Email to dom@fliskits.com.  However, all plans sent to FlisKits, Inc. which are not specifically addressed to another contest or department will be automatically placed in the Design of the Month contest

  • All entries will be held in secret and displayed on site only after the conclusion of the contest month.  The reason for this rule is we have received feedback several times that someone planning on entering refrained from doing so after viewing what they thought were better designs already submitted.  We believe that this is counter productive to the contest and the fun that people can have.  Please, we encourage you to enter your design.  You never know what's going to strike our fancy here at the home of FlisKits!

  • Submissions must include all documentation, as well as your name and address.  Including your email address is helpful (but not required) and will allow us to contact you quicker should you win or if we have a question about your design.

  • Any type of model rocketry design can be entered (rockets, launching equipment, recovery devices, building jigs, etc.)

  • All entries must be proven designs (e.g.: The design had to have been built and successfully flown to qualify).  A photo o0f the built model and/or a launch photo is suggested to show flightworthiness of the design.

  • All designs reaching FlisKits, Inc. during the calendar month will be entered in that month's competition. (Date of receipt, not postmark, will determine the month in which a design will be judged.)

  • By entering this contest, you accept and agree that your design may be published on our web site, with proper credit given.

  • Unless otherwise requested by you, by entering this contest you further accept and agree that your design will be automatically entered into the FlisKits' Design of the Year contest (details below).

  • If two or more exceptional entries are received during any month the judges may, at their discretion, make identical first-place awards or give additional special merit awards.

  • Award winners will be notified by mail or email.  The name of each winner will then be announced on our web site.

  • No purchase necessary!

Design of the Year Rules:

The rules for the FlisKits' Design of the Year contest are even easier!

  • To enter the Design of the Year contest, you must have won First-Place in a Design of the Month contest for that year.

  • Unless otherwise requested, all Design of the Month winning designs are automatically entered into the Design of the Year contest.

  • You can NOT submit new, original designs for the Design of the Year competition.  Only previous Design of the Month winning designs are eligible and automatically entered.

  • The 12 finalist (1 Design of the Month winner for each month of the year) will be announced on our web site the first business week of the succeeding year and the winner will be informed by the first week of February of that year with a corresponding web site announcement to follow.

  • Announcement of the winning design will take place during the first 2 weeks of the following January..


The entire rocketry community wins with FlisKits' Design of the Month contest, because the entire rocketry community get to see your wonderful designs published on our web site!  But what do you win by entering your design??  Well, that's easy:

  • First, you win just by entering!  When you first submit your design to FlisKits for entry in the Design of the Month contest, you are awarded the title of FlisKits Design of the Month Rocket Scientist and you will receive a 5" X 7" framable award to that effect, just like the one shown below!

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  • Then, if your design is chosen as the winning design, you will receive a handsome award, pictured below and suitable for framing, but that's not all!  Read on...

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  • As the first place winner, you will also receive $30 in DOM FlisKits Bucks, pictured below and redeemable for $30 worth of FlisKits merchandise!  (See NOTE below) But, WAIT!  There's still more!

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  • All first place Design of the Month winners will be automatically entered into our Design of the Year contest.   Chosen from the 12 First Place winners from the previous years Design of the Month contest, the winner will receive another handsome award and $60 in FlisKits Bucks!!


Join in the fun today!

NEW RULE - 13-May-2003: Due to some low turnouts in our new contest, we are implementing a slight change to our prize offerings:
  • If there are 3 or more entries, the prize is a $30 gift certificate as described above.
  • If there are 2 entries, the prize will be a model rocket kit, of your choice, with a retail value of $20 or less.
  • If there is 1 entry, the prize will be a grab bag of model rocketry components to be defined at a later date but whose retail value is less than or equal to $10


rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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