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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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Design of the Year 2004!
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Torpedo by Scott Clement

Scott Clement approached me during our CMASS launch on October 23rd.  He wanted to show me his latest creation.  He had purchased a Deuce's Wild! kit but had other ideas about its unique canted engine mount.

He brought this model over to me and held his hands out and said something like "Jim, what do you think of this?"

The first thought that came to mind was "sweet!".   He had this most unique looking model with a Deuce engine mount mounted squarely in the middle of the model!  It did not look like it could be

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stable, but Scott was confident.  The finishing job on this model was a sight to behold.  A glossy black, sharp finish without a defect to be seen.  I turned the model over in my hands to feel the balance and it did *feel* stable.  It felt solid in my hands and felt powerful.  I asked Scott what it was called and he admitted
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white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) that he had not yet named it.   Well, THAT was the first problem that had to be solved so we started to toss names around.

I can't remember who first said "Torpedo", but Scott jumped on that one and commented that it was the perfect name for this rocket.  So we began calling it the Torpedo from then on.

I asked Scott to pose with the model for a few pictures, knowing that they would make a fine addition to our photo albums.  I had him turn the model this way and that, trying to get the best angle so that we could clearly see the details of

how the model was constructed.

I asked Scott if he had considered entering that as a design in our Design of the Month contest and he indicated that he doesn't have the computer tools necessary to really do something like that.  I assured him that fancy computer tools are NOT what makes a good design.  Such tools may make an entry "look" good, but add nothing to the actual "design".

I encouraged him to draw something up, even if just on paper, free hand as I felt this was one of those important designs that really should be out there

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where others can see it.  Scott said that he would think about it and that was pretty much the whole of the conversation.  I did ask that he tell me when he was going to launch so that I could get some launch
p1010300.jpg (60114 bytes) white_25x10.gif (830 bytes) pictures and he promised me that he would.

Now, I don't know if this was the maiden flight of the Torpedo or not.  All I know is that even *I* was nervous as Scott placed the model on the launch pad and hooked up the leads.  I did notice that Scott encountered a problem he had not anticipated.

With the motors at the mid point of the model, there was a real risk of the igniter leads getting hung up on the fins below as the model boosted off of the launch pad.

Several of us there helped Scott rig something up and I described an "igniter boom" that I used to use for glider models.  Scott agreed that it was a good idea and would look into such a thing for future launches.

So, with everybody watching, the countdown was begun and the Torpedo took off.  A picture perfect flight, ejection at apogee and a perfect landing!

Most impressive was that there was no burn damage or residue on the model (something that I expected to see just below the motors).  It was incredible and I again urged Scott to consider drawing it up for the DOM contest.

Well, needless to say, he did.  In mid-November I got this large envelope from Scott containing all of his hand drawing sketches of the model and its assembly requirements.  I scanned these in and created his entry in the Design of the Month contest for November, 2004.

It took me a while to get a hold of Scott to inform him that not only did I get his entry up, but that he

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had won the November DOM!  After making a few inquiries I got his address.  You see, Scott had not included his address on any of the documents and I had long since discarded the envelopes (this is a tip, folks...)

It wasn't long after that that I received another note from Scott thanking us for his win.  It is now my pleasure to be able to send him yet another note informing him of this incredible win!

As for putting this design into manufacturing, this will happen but will not happen by the March timeframe as we have too many kettles on the fire, as it were, already.  We will be announcing this soon, so keep watch.

Congratulations to Scott Clement and the Torpedo for becoming the second EVER in model rocket history winner of the Design of the Year award!

Well done!


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