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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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Edith Keeler must Die
By: David Bauer

Edith Keeler must Die

Nantucket Sound Kit bashed into “Edith Keeler Must Die!”

This Nantucket Sound has been modified due to actions of Dr. McCoy jumping through the time portal of the Guardian of Forever. What Spock sees in his little cathode ray tube includes these pictures of the aftermath of the NAZI takeover of the East Coast. Martha’s Vineyard is now Eva Braun’s Vineyard; Nantucket Sound is now the Polka Music Sound. 

My God man, they turned it into a rocket! No guard rails with these Nazis, just the big guns from Navarone. All the Fuehrer asked was if it could carry bombs. The horror continues with a mix of German, English and what could best be describes as DRM Slang. The V2 splintered paint scheme and woman on the moon decals indicate Von Braun is still around. The DRM decals live on despite any changes in the time line. What looks to be just a jagged camouflage design on the roof turns into a National Socialist aerial recognition banner when viewed from above. 

Ricardo Montalban may have asked “What have they done with my car?” Jim Flis will ask “What have they done with my kit?” No Corinthian Leather here, just the smell of burned out D12-3s. Jim, you must fix the time line! Yes Jim, Edith Keeler must die.

McCoy tells Kirk that he could have saved her. “Do you know what you just did?" he says. Spock adds quietly, "He knows, Doctor. He knows."

In the City on the Edge of Forever the Guardian says “Many such journeys are possible.” But for the time being let’s just get the hell out of here!

In addition to the kit I just used some styrene for the guns and left over pods from the Estes EPM kit for the bombs. A few bits of balsa for the gun mounts and bomb fins. Swastika is striping tape, decals from 2 Mini DRM kits. Excelsior BT 60 V2 decals and some FW 190 D aircraft decals.

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Here is "Edith Keeler must Die" flying at the COSROCs launch in Peyton, CO. This is after the army man modification to the nose cone.


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