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MiG 3
By: David Bauer

MiG 3 Flying Model Rocket

This one started when my old rocket buddy decided to move off shore and left behind one of his "test" carbon fiber tail cones for a V2. It was all glued up to the 4 inch body tube with a mighty 29mm motor tube held in by a fancy carbon fiber centering ring. The carbon fiber had some bubbles causing surface pits, so it did not meet his quality standards. One man's trash is another man's treasure, and after years of scrounging through HI PO trash for LPR/MPR launch lugs and motor tubes I ain't too picky. So what about a few bubbles, I got bondo. Heavy bondo coat and sand and a few more pits would pop out, did it again and again until most were gone. It sat on the shelf for a few years as I decided what to build it as. A V2 or some silly airplane rocket? Then another bit of good fortune as I came across a second hand nosecone that would fit. There, I have to do something now.

With such a light hind end I could use heavy plywood for the fins and they would fit into the quarter inch slots that had been pre-cut. Sawed out dem fins with the old coping saw, glued em in with sticky 5 min epoxy, and taped up the fillets fer some more of that wonderful quick curing epoxy. By Golly you can build rockets fast with that fancy epoxy glue. I decided to build the first operational MiG; the MiG 3 from those nasty winter months of 1941. Had to use the classic Moscow Hawks paint scheme with the big red arrows on the front. Yep, I'm a gonna put a stop to those invading Hitlerite pig dogs, this will be another triumph of the Soviet Peoples. Finished up with some left over decals and hand cut red mono-coat.

Hopefully it won't need a ton of stinkin' performance robbin' nose weight cause it is a bit longer on that there nose cone. Just need to find some rail buttons and a motor and it’s off to the RSO table. Yes sir mister RSO, it’s a gonna fly real good as a high power design. Asymmetrical fins are no problem, if they work in LPR and MPR, why not HPR?

Took these pictures with the camera phone so they are not very good but they are better than a grainy Soviet black and white photo. Picture #4 is a teeny little LPR P 40E 18mm, bigger MPR TA 152 24mm and finally and man sized HPR 29mm MiG 3.

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