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Aim for the sky and try not to miss!
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Beech Staggerwing
By: David Bauer

Beech Staggerwing Flying Model Rocket

Here is a Beech Staggerwing UC-43 rocket plane using a Flis 3X24mm canted motor mount, BT 70 and big Duces Wild balsa nose cone hacked down the middle and pointed the wrong way. The nose cone is BT 70 with coupler, a TLP 2.6" coupler coated in finishin' epoxy for the cowling, a chrome acorn nut for the spinner, 3 washers, bolt, nut and lots of heavy 5 min epoxy glue. The launch lug is one of those high power igniter tubes I was able to dig out of the trash buckets neat the high power pads. Lots of label paper on squishy Hobby Lobby balsa, Yellow Wing P 36 decals from the bin at the LHS, some striping tape and I am ready for more silly airplane flying fun.. 
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Here are some more photos. Included is an even heavier nose cone if I ever am crazy enough to use some honkin' composite F motors.

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Here is the real thing: 

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Here are some post flight photos showing the tail burn that was actually a little bit less than expected. Ho Hum, just another drag tail on an airplane rocket shaped by fire.

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More photos of the most recent launch on 3 E9-4s. Likes to power glide a bit on the long burn, low thrust E9-4, but it is stable off the rod on the 3 motor cluster. D12-3s work better with more kick, less glide and slower recovery speed. A lot more soot with the E9s and a tad bit more burn on the tail. Thanks to Dave Hansen for the awesome photos. Thanks to everyone on the fire crew as well. The Park Ranger and the County Sheriff where in the crowd for the launch so the Pad Fuehrers wanted everything ship shape. Praise the Lord they all lit! No fire or carnage and we were ready for the next launch .
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