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Aichi D3A2 VAL Dive Bomber Rocket
By: David Bauer

Aichi D3A2 VAL Dive Bomber Rocket:

.Here is an Aichi D3A2 VAL Dive Bomber rocket plane that will fly on two 24mm composite motors, probably F24-4s. Built out of a left over TLP 2.6" Kraft tube, a reject Apogee nose cone, range find 24mm tubes, scrap balsa blocks, label paper sheets, cardboard from the back of an artist pad for the centering ring, the nosecone from my Quest Tomahawk, some new parts from Hobby Lobby Estes kits and lots of LOVE. Lots of wood glue, CA, card stock and even some of the heavy 5 min epoxy glue were needed. I wanted the plane from TORA! TORA! TORA! the plane that sank the most Allied shipping, but this is not it. No, this is the A2 model with the spinner, bigger engine and cleaned up aerodynamics. This is the one that was the Turkey in The Great Marianas Turkey Shoot; this was an aircraft of the Devine Wind. Lots of nose weight, hot igniters and many prayers will be needed on this one. If she flies good then maybe some additional bombs on the wings, dive breaks arrester (engine) hook and more sculptured wheel fairings to make it look even more scale like.

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More pictures:

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Still needs to go to beauty school so she can match up with her stable mate the J7W1 Shinden.

Here is the real thing. Boy these dive bombers sure have big wings, not good for model rocketry. Hopefully I will get some good canted flame fin action on this one.

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Here are more pics after beauty school graduation.

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Some belly shote:

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The Val flew on 2 E28 4Ts ignited by the trusty copperheads that come in the package. Both lit, although one came up to power just a tad slow. The Val arced over at about 30-40 feet as the thrust curve was just a bit more on one side. She went horizontal and flew straight away like a bat out of Hades. Glided straight through the delay as she flew over the road and to the next hill by the range, popped the chute and the nose cone and fuselage recovered with no damage except for a tiny paint ding on the tail. Pad Fuehrer was pleased ejection occurred well above the ground. Now I know how it looked for the AA gunners on the ships at Perl Harbor as the Vals zoomed by at high speed. While walking back to the truck after recovery I passed our Level 3 member and with a real confused look and tone of voice I asked him why did this thing fly like and airplane? It is supposed to be a rocket! I just couldn't figure it out. He just laughed and said it is an airplane. Maybe some hotter igniters and it will act more like a rocket because as always, it is just and ignition issue.



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