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By: David Bauer

J7W1 Shinden

Parts List: 1 TLP nose cone, 2.6” body tube, 3/16 and inch balsa, Label paper, popsicle stick, Baby B nose cone, cardstock for shrouds, 24mm motor tube. TLP centering rings 2.6 to 24 mm. “ launch lugs, spent D12 motor casing, TLP Mylar chute – or better nylon one if you have it, Kevlar cord & elastic. Grey and dark green Krylon Camouflage paint, decals, red, flat black and silver chrome brush paint, striping tape, epoxy glue, wood glue, tacky glue, CA.

My first Scratch Build, a J7W1 Shinden, the revolutionary Japanese fighter that only made a few test flights before the war ended. With so much junk in the trunk I am ditching the cartoonish look of my prior kit bashes and going for a more scale appearance with the Shinden. With a left over 2.6" tube and a TLP nosecone, 24 mm mount, squishy balsa, Baby Bertha nose cone, label paper, tongue depressor and poster board it was time to start cuttin' and gluin'. The wing is a single piece of papered balsa, the canard is a tongue depressor and both are epoxied on. The canopy was made thicker and I will shape it to give a more 3D look. I'm thinking the prop blade fins will need some popsicle stick reinforcement if it actually has a rocket like flight. Too heavy for a D12 3 so will go with an F24, lots of nose weight which is still to come. Having a hard time mind simming where the CP will be and if all the asymmetrical fins and canards will keep it going straight up.

9.25 OZ. on the food scale loaded with nose weight taking the CG to the pilot's seat. With all that drag do I dare first flight on a D12-3?.

Paint is still wet and the Chinese dog won't get off the bed.

Flew the Shinden today on an F24-7 cut down to about a 4 which turned out to be more like five but it worked. It flew nice and straight, no spin or going airplane, the delay was a bit late but no damage. It needed every bit of power from the F24 after I had rebalanced and added more nose weight for the heavier motor. The CG at the pilot's seat worked. Thanks to everyone who stayed later at the launch and acted as my crew in case of disaster.

Flew the Shinden for the second time this weekend at COSROCS. Cut the F 24-7 down to about a 4. Out of trusty copperheads so I burned out a friend’s aggressive homemade igniter, then tried 2 Pro Series twisted together, they just fried. Fortunately one of the COSROCS members was nice enough to give me one of his hot igniters and Wham! Off she went. Straight up, arced over with the wind, gave out a whistle so I knew those shrouds giving some drag, started down . . . any time now Xacto hacked delay... then poof, out came the chute and all was well. Only damage was a snapped prop fin on landing, about a 5 second fix with CA.

Shinden takeoff photo:

rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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