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By: David Bauer

Nakajima B6N Tenzan or “Jill” Rocket with Quadracant

Parts List: Chrome acorn nut, bolt, nut, washer from hardware store. BT 60 tubing & coupler, 3/16 balsa, balsa bock for windscreen carving, 18mm tube for motor mounts, canopy and torpedo body, 18mm balsa cone for torpedo warhead, engine hook for arrester gear, label paper, epoxy steel clay, Mean Machine nose cone, cardstock. Baby B centering rings and Flis Kit 18mm canted motor mount rings and blocks. Decals, grey, black and dark green paint, silver chrome brush paint, wood glue, tacky glue, CA, epoxy, Kevlar, nylon chute, bic pen launch lug.

On the Lotto commercial the guy has a “Quadracorn” instead of the basic Unicorn outside of the Quicky-Mart. So I thought why can’t I build a Quadracant, it must be better to have four C6 motors instead of two. I started off trying to build a Grumman Duck but it just would not look good enough, so it morphed into a B6N torpedo bomber. Here it is before finishing begins. The spinner is a chrome acorn nut, the cowling/intakes are Steel epoxy clay over a washer. The interior bolt gives a nice Kevlar shock cord anchor and it all weighs a ton up front, just what the Emperor ordered! The exposed 18mm motor tubes are coated in CA so I can say it is PO Boy Blue Tube. The Bic Pen launch lug will have to go on the wing and of course it will have a motor hook for carrier landings.

Lots of cool fin patterns for torpedoes. I just made one up that would look good, but big plywood fins are for the shallow water attacks. Maybe three Bonsai cheers before it launches. Will it be a surprise that it flew well - then Tora Tora Tora! Or will it follow the Devine Wind and take out a Cadillac. That all depends on the four motors lighting.

All painted and ready for a test flight.

The B6N flew today at the club and all went well with the Quadracant. Straight up then leveled off and the three second delay was just right. Came down on a military surplus chute. I was figuring on a little tail burn but WOW! my mind sim was a bit off. I am going to write a nasty letter to the developer and demand a new 2.0 version. I guess I did not take into account the plume from the front motor, or maybe I just made the sporty scale fin go up a thumb too far. The rest of the burn was about what I expected from the tight packed Quadracant of mighty C6 motors.

I figure the rocket can burn its own shape of the tail fin on the way up, just let nature and the flaming rocket exhaust take their own course. In flight fin shaping, that is the ticket! Golly, good rocket science is what it is all about and I'm sure that last comment will not go over well with more scientific guys at the club. Maybe a thin fiberglass and fire treated extension? Maybe just reshape for more of a B5N shape and just live with the results?


More Pad Pics.

The B6N cleaned up nice after all the soot was removed. It is a nice clean burn line on the tail, charcoaled the balsa and flayed the label paper but left the decal. With the two canted motors you get double the pleasure and double the fun on each side, but double the burn as well. Darn airplane tails just don’t fit that well with rocket power up front, and I don’t think the RSO will give me any extra scale flight points if these old war birds come down in flames.

She was truly the Girl on Fire! My daughters just read The Hunger Games so we had to get the movie. Tail repaired after shaping by fire to the maximum height allowed by the Quadracant.

After the second flight the tail just had a little blistering. Shaping fins with in flight fire may be a tad bit off center but it seems to have worked on the B6N. The long Kevlar shock cord somehow found a way to wrap around the chute on recovery so it popped one of the rear "fins" after a landing that looked a lot like it was out of an old war movie. A few seconds of super glue, a good wipe, a dab of touch up paint and the B6N will be ready for another sortie.

Thanks to Gerald Meux here are some photos of the B6N at NSL. This was the third flight and the chute again got stuck half way out the nose cone. It did a flat spin all the way down, looking just like the old kamikaze footage. No damage. I told curious spectators that recovery was just like the cat that falls off the fridge and then hops back up with the look saying "I meant to do that!" For the fourth flight I will attach the chute closer to the body tube.

Here is the drawing of the B6N

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rockets! ROCKETS! lookit all the rockets!
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